Pure Essence Labs

Pure Essence Labs - Guarding Your Health

Pure Essence Labs says it only exists to use nature as the model to help you build and maintain good health.

This is a trusted brand that even celebrities love! Actress Gwyneth Paltrow uses a fizzy calcium-magnesium drink mix, and Suzanne Sommers wrote about Candex Yeast Management System in one of her popular health books.

Founded to distribute the popular spirulina super food, Pure Essence combines the best of old healing beliefs with advances in science nutrition to provide you with holistic dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

By combining science-based nutrition knowledge with ancient holistic medical systems, Pure Essence Labs produces products based on the 'cellular concept of health.'

This simple concept is based on the idea that your body's 60 trillion cells carry out more than a million biochemical reactions every moment of every day. And your health is based on how efficiently your body carries out these reactions.

Unfortunately, your cells are not always able to work as well as they should. When your cells lack energy, raw materials or 'trigger' nutrients, they simply cannot carry out all their tasks. They are also inhibited when damaged by free radicals, bad fats, or excess sugar.

The company's popular line of quality products includes Ionic Fizz Calcium Plus, Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus, One 'n' Only, Candex and Transitions.