Pacific Resources International

Pacific Resources International offers Manuka honey products from New Zealand that support immune system health, the digestive system, and more! Read More >

High-Quality Manuka Honey Products for over Thirty Years

For over thirty years, Pacific Resources International has been the premier importer of raw Manuka honey from New Zealand. Founder David Noll lived and worked in New Zealand before moving back to the United States and settling in Carpenteria, on California’s central coast. After moving, he brought back New Zealand’s Manuka honey as well as Pacific sea salts.

The Maori people have used Manuka honey for centuries to support the immune system, promote a healthy internal response, support digestive health, and more. It is a mono-flower (meaning it comes from a single floral source) honey that is made from bees that feed on the Manuka bush (also called the tea tree). This honey has specific enzymes that make it tolerant of high temperatures and bright lights, so it is ideal for storage.

All of PRI’s Manuka honey products are independently tested and certified pure. It is also required to meet the strict standards imposed by the New Zealand government. Whether you choose pure Manuka honey, or lemon-honey nuggets, PRI’s products work to naturally support your health. Order yours here!