NutriDyn™ is dedicated to elevating health and well-being through science-backed nutritional supplements. Founded on the principle of delivering only the highest quality products, its expert science team, with each member a specialist in their domain of functional medicine, collaboratively designs premier formulations tailored to the unique needs of patients. Read More >

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About NutriDyn

NutriDyn's commitment to excellence goes beyond product creation. The brand adheres to global quality standards, partnering only with manufacturers that boast top-tier certifications such as GMP registrations, organic and non-GMO status, and kosher approvals. Every NutriDyn™ product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its purity, potency, and reliability. This unwavering dedication to quality is why over 9,000 healthcare practitioners across the globe trust NutriDyn™.

Since its inception, NutriDyn™ has aimed to empower healthcare practitioners to enhance the quality of life of their patients through clinical nutrition. This commitment extends to education; as industry pioneers since the late 1970s, NutriDyn™ has been at the forefront of nutrition-based medicine, hosting leaders like Dr. Jeffrey Bland. Through global conferences, workshops, and seminars, NutriDyn™ continually shares cutting-edge research, upholding its legacy of advancing clinical nutrition knowledge. Join NutriDyn™ on its journey towards a healthier world.

NutriDyn Highlighted Products

Discover some of NutriDyn's standout supplements, expertly formulated to support your health and wellness journey. From nutrient-packed drink mixes to essential vitamins, each product is designed to meet your body's unique needs. Dive into our featured selections below:

NutriDyn Fruits and Greens Daily Drink: NutriDyn Fruits and Greens Daily Drink is a delectable, gluten-free beverage mix that combines the antioxidant power of fruits and vegetables, along with fiber, digestive enzymes, and dairy-free probiotics. Recognized for its superior nutrition, this drink mix contains a proprietary blend of renowned superfoods, including Goji berries, pomegranate, acai berry, mangosteen, and noni fruit. Perfect for those seeking a natural boost, it offers a convenient way to get daily nutrients and support overall health.

NutriDyn D3 5000 with K2: D3 5000 with K2 by NutriDyn is a specially formulated supplement that brings together highly bioavailable forms of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2. These essential micronutrients play pivotal roles throughout the body, supporting bone health, cardiovascular function, and immune response. Adequate daily intake of vitamin D is crucial to prevent potential health issues. Coupled with Vitamin K2, especially the form MK-7, this supplement ensures optimal absorption and health benefits.

NutriDyn D3 10000 with K2: D3 10,000 with K2 from NutriDyn is a potent supplement designed to support bone, cardiovascular, and immune health. Comprising highly bioavailable forms of Vitamin D3 and K2, it addresses essential nutrient needs in the body. The synergistic combination not only supports bone and heart health but also aids in stress management, skin health, and immune function. Regular intake is vital to combat potential deficiencies and promote overall wellness.

The History of NutriDyn

Originating in the late 1970s, NutriDyn™ emerged as a trailblazer in the world of nutrition-based medicine. Recognizing the transformative effects of nutrition on health, the brand took initiative in guiding the healthcare community. A landmark moment was when they became the first company to host Dr. Jeffrey Bland, an acclaimed figure known globally for his contributions to nutritional medicine.

As the years progressed, NutriDyn™ deepened its ties with healthcare practitioners, continuously offering innovative research and product developments. The brand's dedication to knowledge-sharing is evident in its extensive global programs, encompassing conferences, workshops, and seminars. This commitment underscores NutriDyn's legacy as a leader in advancing clinical nutrition and supporting professionals worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns NutriDyn?

Nutridyn is owned by David and Greg Peterson.

Is NutriDyn recommended by healthcare professionals?

Absolutely! Over 9,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide endorse and recommend NutriDyn products, a testament to their trustworthiness and efficacy.

How do NutriDyn supplements improve health?

NutriDyn supplements are formulated based on scientific research and are tailored to address specific health needs. By combining quality ingredients with the expertise of their science team, NutriDyn products aim to optimize health outcomes and improve overall well-being.

Are there reviews for NutriDyn products?

Product specific reviews can be found on each product on the NHC website. More reviews can be found by looking at the Terry Naturally website.

Can I return products to NutriDyn?

For detailed return information, it's best to contact NutriDyn directly. NHC offers a 60-day return policy for unopened and undamaged items.