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NuMedica stands out in the world of nutritional supplements for its unwavering dedication to quality and care. Their focus on superior product formulation, sourcing, and manufacturing practices ensures optimal efficacy and safety for consumers. Read More >

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About NuMedica

NuMedica's meticulous quality control processes guarantee that their supplements consistently meet rigorous industry standards. This commitment to quality is matched by their dedication to customer care, providing thorough information and support to enhance their customers' health and wellness journeys. Choosing NuMedica means trusting a brand that places utmost importance on quality and care in every aspect of its operations.

Additionally, NuMedica's commitment to transparency and excellence is highlighted by its third-party certification. This external validation reaffirms the brand's dedication to meeting high industry standards, ensuring the purity and potency of its products. With this certification, customers can feel confident about the authenticity and effectiveness of NuMedica's supplements. The brand also embraces Enhanced Absorption Technologies, showcasing its commitment to innovation. These technologies improve the bioavailability of their products, maximizing their effectiveness. As a Member of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), NuMedica aligns itself with the highest standards in the herbal products sector, further demonstrating its dedication to providing trusted, high-quality wellness solutions.

NuMedica Highlighted Products

Discover NuMedica's range of high-quality supplements, each designed to support specific health needs with advanced formulations.

NuMedica Micellized D3 1200 IU*: NuMedica's Micellized D3 provides 1,200 IU per drop of natural, soy-free vitamin D in a highly bioavailable form. Essential for bone growth, calcium absorption, and supporting immune function, this vitamin D supplement addresses indoor lifestyle-related deficiencies. The micellization process creates tiny droplets for enhanced solubility and absorption, making it more effective than traditional forms. Ideal for maintaining optimal vitamin D levels, this supplement is a must-have for comprehensive health support.

NuMedica ImmunoG PRP Powder*: ImmunoG PRP Powder by NuMedica is a unique formula containing natural bovine colostrum, rich in essential proteins and immune factors. This whole food supplement provides 2,500 mg of IgG per serving, supporting the immune system and modulating normal immune responses. Carefully processed to retain biological activity, this antibiotic-free formula also promotes bone and lean muscle mass and supports cognitive function. It's an ideal choice for those seeking natural immune support and overall vitality.

NuMedica Power Greens*: NuMedica's Power Greens is a potent antioxidant-rich green powder mix, offering the benefits of over 25 servings of fruits and vegetables. Available in multiple flavors, including Chocolate, this formula supports energy production, metabolism, digestion, and detoxification. It's made from certified organic whole food plant extracts and contains a blend of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Free from stimulants, caffeine, wheat, dairy, and preservatives, Power Greens is suitable for vegetarians and an excellent choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive green supplement for overall health and vitality.

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The History of NuMedica

Since its founding in 2000, NuMedica has established a significant presence in the health and wellness industry, guided by a commitment to enhancing health through high-quality nutritional supplements. The company's journey began with a clear objective to offer products that enable individuals to actively manage and improve their health. Throughout its evolution, NuMedica has remained adaptable, continuously aligning with the dynamic nature of the wellness industry.

NuMedica's growth and success can be attributed to its steadfast dedication to research, development, and innovation. The company has been a forerunner in creating advanced solutions tailored to the varied health needs of its customers. This commitment to quality, combined with a focus on transparent, science-backed formulations and stringent quality control, has solidified NuMedica's reputation among healthcare practitioners and consumers alike.

Today, NuMedica stands as a respected leader in the wellness sector, still driven by its foundational vision of enhancing life through improved health and nutrition. The company's legacy and future endeavors continue to reflect this enduring commitment to health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was NuMedica founded?

NuMedica was founded in 2000, embarking on its mission to provide high-quality nutritional supplements and wellness products.

Are NuMedica products backed by scientific research and testing?

Yes, NuMedica is committed to providing products that are backed by scientific research and testing. They focus on developing scientifically formulated products and employ rigorous testing to ensure efficacy and safety.

Are NuMedica products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

NuMedica offers a range of products suitable for vegetarians and vegans. However, it's recommended to check individual product labels for specific dietary information.

Does NuMedica offer any discounts or loyalty programs?

Customers should check NuMedica's official website or contact their customer service for information about any current discounts or loyalty programs they may offer.

Are there any side effects associated with NuMedica supplements?

While NuMedica supplements are generally safe, individual reactions can vary. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if there are pre-existing health conditions or concerns about potential side effects.

What is the recommended dosage and usage for NuMedica products?

The recommended dosage and usage instructions for NuMedica products can vary. It's important to follow the dosage instructions on the product label or consult with a healthcare provider for personalized guidance.

Can NuMedica supplements be taken alongside prescription medications?

It's important to consult with a healthcare provider before combining NuMedica supplements with prescription medications to ensure safety and avoid potential interactions.

Are NuMedica products suitable for athletes or fitness enthusiasts?

Many NuMedica products are suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their product range includes options that cater to the specific nutritional needs and performance goals of this demographic.