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More About Natural Factors

Natural Factors’ wide selection of age and gender-specific multivitamins and minerals includes many convenient options to help support your optimal health, including vegetable capsules, softgels, tablets, liquid formulas, flavored chewables that both kids and adults will love, and even cleanse kits!

Each unique formulation is sourced from organic ingredients with no synthetic pesticides, ensuring purity. Batch-by-batch raw processing thoroughly disperses nutrients throughout the supplements, and active ingredients are preserved through a vacuum process to extract moisture and protect sensitive phytonutrients.

With herbal experts, nutritionists and scientists collaborating on the formulations, Natural Factors provides dietary supplements that stand the test of quality. The company goes beyond Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) with certification by three entities proving the quality and potency of the safe, non-GMO products and manufacturing processes by Natural Factors. These include certification by ISURA, the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) and International Verified Omega-3 (IVO).

The steps Natural Factors takes to ensure quality are as follows:

  • Step 1: Controlling seed selection: non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds
  • Step 2: Growing crops in nutrient-dense, fertile, neutralized-pH soils
  • Step 3: Controlling harvest of the plants
  • Step 4: Testing ingredients for purity and potency
  • Step 5: Formulating products with efficacious amounts of ingredients
  • Step 6: Processing/manufacturing
  • Step 7: Testing finished products for quality
  • Step 8: Obtaining third-party certifications or verifications

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