Med Chem Labs

Med-Chem Labs produces coconut oil-based dietary supplements with concentrated amounts of pure monolaurin extract from lauric acid for overall health and wellness.

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Try Med-Chem Labs’ Coconut Oil Supplement

Med-Chem Labs is a pioneer in the natural health care industry, having been one of the first to recognize the potential health benefits of coconut oil.

Its founder, Professor Jon Kabara, PhD, has more than 40 years of experience researching the potential nutritional benefits of certain fatty acids, specifically the 12-carbon chain fatty acid lauric acid, and its monoglyceride, known as monolaurin. Lauric acid is a saturated fat that can also be found in breast milk. With his early findings, Dr. Kabara established Med-Chem Laboratories, Inc., in 1966.

The company is known for making the Lauricidin Monolaurin Supplement, which contains over 95% pure monolaurin extract from lauric acid, naturally found in coconut oil. The coconut oil-based nutritional supplement supports the body during times of stress and helps to maintain overall health.

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