Gluten Free Thermogenics Lumina Health Products

Lumina Health Products is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Cellfood - a proprietary formula containing ionic minerals, enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen. It provides an unrivaled delivery system for oxygen and nourishment, absorbing quickly in the body.

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Lumina Health & Cellfood Products

Cellfood is the best-selling oxygen + nutrient supplement in the world. It also helps scavenge free radicals and removes toxins from the body as it nourishes.

Lumina Products makes Cellfood from nutrient-rich plant substances held in a negatively-charged suspension of deuterium sulfate (an isotope of hydrogen). This process utilizes the same advancements first used to split the atom decades ago.

The result is a formula that splits water molecules within the body creating an abundance of oxygen, which in turn carries nutrients throughout the body.

Natural Healthy Concepts is proud to offer this life-enhancing product to our customers. You can get Cellfood and related selections from Lumina Health with fast shipping from Natural Healthy Concepts!