Grams 5 Stars Lavilin

Lavilin offers all natural deodorant for feet and underarms that are deisgned to be used once a week to control odor. Made with herbs, botanical extracts, and essential oils, these creams work to nourish and support healthy looking skin.

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Natural Odor Support with Lavilin Deodorant

For over forty years, Lavilin has been producing natural, aluminum-free deodorants that support your skin without harsh chemicals. Their deodorant was originally designed to address body odor issues for soldiers in military barracks. It is formulated for a single-application, so you can simply apply it once a week to stay fresh.

Unlike traditional antiperspirants that may only mask odor, Lavilin uses herbs, plant extracts, and essential oils that seek to neutralize odor and offer temporary relief from underarm dryness. Their underarm cream supports healthy looking, hydrated skin and is suitable for use on sensitive or delicate skin.

All of Lavilin’s products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, and they are certified by the Personal Care Products Council. All of their products are made without aluminum salts, parabens, alchohol, phthalates, BHT, and petrolatum, and Lavilin products are never tested on animals.

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