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More About Kroeger Herbs

Kroeger Herbs in Boulder, Colorado is just one part of the story of an amazing pioneer in natural health, Hanna Kroeger.

Often called the "Grandmother of Health" she dedicated her life to promoting holistic methods that improved people's wellbeing. A Turkish immigrant, Hanna Kroeger launched one of the first health food stores in America during the early 1950s when she noticed a lack of nutritious food in the United States.

She founded Kroeger Herbs in 1978, and today its products, including many of Hanna's own formulas, are found all over the world. She also wrote 20 books detailing natural health practices. Her company continues on a mission to help educate people about the potential benefits of herbs.

Natural Healthy Concepts proudly offers top products from Kroeger Herbs. That includes herbal supplements such as Wormwood, Black Walnut and Rascal, which is used for herbal digestive support.

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