More about Interplexus

The formulations offered by Interplexus assist the body in dealing with nutrient deficiencies that result from a poor diet, stress, medication use, or digestive problems. They also promote general wellness as the natural aging process occurs.

More importantly, Interplexus recognizes that there are a wide variety of nutrients, herbs, vitamins and minerals necessary to support proper sleep, metabolism, and hormone balance. They also include cofactors in their supplements that insure the best assimilation and utilization by the body. For instance, Interplexus' Thyro-Dyne is a unique blend of iodine, amino acids and herbals for thyroid support.

When our customers are looking for adrenal support, many of them reach for Seriphos and Adapt from Interplexus. Everyday, chronic stress takes it toll on the body in many ways. Interplexus designed these two supplements to support the bodies ability to adapt. And in today's fast-paced world, most of us can use a little help with stress support.

If you are looking for an Interplexus product you don't see here, please contact us at 866-505-7501 and we'll be happy to check into it for you!