Experience Himalayan-Based Herbal Ayurveda

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare formulas are science-based and suitable for all body types. The company, founded in 1930, began when its founder, Mr. M. Manal, saw a Burmese villager calm an anxious elephant by feeding it the root of the Rauwolfia serpentina plant. After studying the plant thoroughly, he created his first dietary supplement to support calm nerves, and he has grown his company ever since.

Manal is the grandfather of the current CEO, Nabeel Manal. The company has continued its legacy of researching nature and using the tools of modern science to develop herbal supplements that seeks to support healthy living and longevity. The company is committed to practicing ayurveda, meaning “the science of life,” which originally influenced Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other countries and cultures.

The company’s herbs are sustainably wildcrafted from over 1,000 acres of farmland through fair trade, farming partnerships. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is one of the first ayurvedic facilities to receive Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification in India. They pride themselves on herbal ingredients that are pure and consistent from batch-to-batch.

One of their best selling products, MindCare for Mental Alertness (aka Mentat), is a plant-based mental fitness formula that’s designed to support brain function. Shop for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare products here and receive fast shipping!