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Founded in 2000, Garden of Life has since cultivated a profound respect for nature and its limitless offerings. Embracing the philosophy of the Science of Whole Food, the brand harnesses the full potency of whole, natural ingredients in its supplements. Read More >

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About Garden of Life

This approach not only encapsulates the very essence of nature but also ensures that consumers reap the maximal health benefits that whole foods provide.

Traceability and authenticity form the pillars of Garden of Life's unwavering values. From the initial sourcing of ingredients to the finished product on the shelves, every step is transparent, ensuring unparalleled purity and quality. Beyond the product itself, Garden of Life exhibits an exemplary commitment to our planet. Their Carbon Neutral initiative is a testament to this, emphasizing investments in renewable energy and carbon offset projects, aiming for a brighter, sustainable future.

This ethos extends to the crafting of their products as well, which stand as paragons of integrity. Free from contaminants and artificial ingredients and with a clear emphasis on non-GMO, organic sources, the brand delivers nothing but the best. Yet, the company's endeavors don't end with health and wellness. At its core, Garden of Life is committed to giving back, supporting many charitable causes, and working tirelessly to make a tangible, positive impact in the world.

Garden of Life Highlighted Products

Garden of Life is dedicated to purity, quality, and authenticity. Crafting products that resonate with nature's wisdom, Garden of Life offers an array of supplements tailored to diverse needs. Here are some of the brand's standout products:

Garden of Life's Organic Plant Protein offers a blend of high-quality proteins from plant sources. This product represents the pinnacle of Garden of Life protein offerings and is crafted to provide the benefits of a raw organic meal. Made from natural ingredients, it's perfect for health enthusiasts seeking a clean protein source.

Garden of Life's Raw Probiotics Women is specially formulated to support women's health. It offers a unique blend of probiotics tailored for women, embodying the best of Darden of Life probiotics for women. This product ensures a balanced gut flora and promotes overall well-being.

Garden of Life's Vitamin Code Raw Calcium is more than just calcium. It's a comprehensive supplement that delivers the benefits of Garden of Life vitamins. Sourced from natural ingredients, this product supports bone health and overall vitality.

Boost your immune health with Garden of Life's Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin C. Representing the best in Garden of Life vitamins, this product provides a potent dose of vitamin C from whole food sources, ensuring maximum absorption and efficacy.

Zinc is essential for numerous bodily functions, and Garden of Life's Vitamin Code Raw Zinc offers it in its most natural form. As a part of Garden of Life women's multivitamin offerings, this product ensures you get your daily dose of this vital mineral.

Garden of Life Highlighted History

Founded in 2000 by Jordan Rubin, Garden of Life emerged from Rubin's personal journey of recovering from severe Crohn’s disease. Diagnosed at 19 during his studies at Florida State University, Rubin turned to a lifestyle centered around raw and organic living. This holistic approach transformed his health and inspired the creation of Garden of Life.

The company's ethos is rooted in delivering supplements derived from real food, not synthetic chemicals. With a focus on quality, Garden of Life is dedicated to offering products that Rubin himself would confidently share with his family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Garden of Life?

Garden of Life is a subsidiary of Nestlé, acquired as part of their health and wellness initiatives.

Are Garden of Life supplements USDA organic certified?

Many of Garden of Life's supplements are USDA organic certified, emphasizing their commitment to natural and pure ingredients.

Can I find vegan products at Garden of Life?

Absolutely! Garden of Life offers a range of vegan-friendly products catering to diverse dietary needs.

How does Garden of Life ensure product quality?

Garden of Life places great emphasis on traceability and authenticity. Every step, from ingredient sourcing to the finished product, is transparent, ensuring unparalleled purity and quality.

What is the origin of Garden of Life products?

Garden of Life products are meticulously sourced, with every ingredient traceable back to its origin, ensuring authenticity and purity.

How sustainable are Garden of Life products?

Sustainability is a core value at Garden of Life. Their Carbon Neutral initiative, investments in renewable energy, and other sustainable practices showcase their dedication to a greener future.

What makes Garden of Life proteins unique?

Garden of Life proteins are derived from whole, natural ingredients, offering a comprehensive nutritional profile. They stand out for their purity, quality, and organic sourcing.

Are there discounts for Garden of Life products?

Garden of Life often runs promotions and discounts. It's best to check their official website or partner retailers for current offers.