More About Flora

Can better nourishment make the world a better place? That's what the people at Flora believe.

Their mission is to encourage peace and harmony on Earth by providing people with herbal products and nutritional supplements that help purify both body and mind.

This natural health brand began in 1965, but its story reaches back decades before that. The grandfather of Flora's current owner was Dr. Otto Greither of Germany. Dr. Greither was a pioneer in plant-based therapies during the early 1900s. Greither was also one of the first to suggest that many health issues stemmed from poor digestion.

His grandson, Timothy Greither, continues that legacy with Flora's products and mission.

Flora manufactures and distributes organically-grown health products formulated to support your digestive system and more. That includes probiotics, digestive enzymes and unique herbal teas.

With Flora, the tradition of breaking new ground in natural health continues. During the 1980s, the company became one of the first to produce truly cold-pressed, unrefined oils for therapeutic and food preparation use. This unique method of manufacturing avoids any exposure to light and oxygen allowing enzymes to be processed at body temperature while essential fatty acids remain active.

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