Enzymedica stands as the undisputed leader in the field of digestive enzymes, setting industry standards with its innovative formulations and a strong commitment to enhancing wellness. With a history of excellence that spans several decades, their products are trusted by millions around the globe to improve digestive health. Read More >

About Enzymedica

Enzymedica offers a comprehensive range of enzyme blends and targeted solutions designed to meet a variety of digestive needs, ensuring optimal balance for each individual. Their commitment to rigorous research and maintaining the highest quality standards ensures the effectiveness of their supplements, establishing Enzymedica as a leading authority in digestive wellness. Discover the transformative impact of Enzymedica's products and experience optimal health from the inside out.

Sourcing only the purest natural ingredients is fundamental to Enzymedica’s mission, reflecting their dedication to quality and effectiveness. By meticulously focusing on the selection process, Enzymedica ensures that each ingredient adheres to the highest purity and potency standards. This commitment to sourcing the finest raw materials guarantees the integrity and efficacy of their products. Enzymedica’s rigorous practices demonstrate a profound respect for nature and a commitment to sustainable, ethical procurement. Through partnerships with trusted suppliers around the world, they secure premium ingredients that enable consumers to trust in the natural solutions offered. Experience the exceptional quality and commitment that set Enzymedica apart in the digestive health supplement market.

Enzymedica Highlighted Products

Explore Enzymedica's standout products, specifically formulated to enhance digestive health and address specific wellness needs. Each supplement is designed to provide targeted support using the highest quality ingredients.

Enzymedica Digest Gold with ATPro: Digest Gold with ATPro represents Enzymedica's most potent digestive enzyme formula, offering comprehensive support for the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and fibers. This supplement includes ATPro technology, which incorporates a blend of Magnesium citrate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and CoQ10, enhancing natural ATP production to boost energy levels. With four additional enzymes compared to the Digest Basic formula, it is ideal for individuals needing extra digestive support. Free from common allergens and artificial ingredients, Digest Gold with ATPro is the go-to choice for those seeking powerful digestive aid without any unwanted additives.

Enzymedica Digest Gold + Probiotics: Digest Gold + Probiotics combines the efficacy of Enzymedica’s leading digestive enzymes with the benefits of probiotics to support overall gut health. This dual-action formula not only aids in breaking down food efficiently but also promotes a balanced intestinal flora and enhances immune function. Containing 500 million active probiotic cells from eight beneficial strains, these probiotics are specially designed to survive stomach acid for optimal absorption. Suitable for vegetarians and free from the most common food allergens, this supplement is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their digestive health and wellbeing comprehensively.

Enzymedica MucoStop: MucoStop by Enzymedica offers a natural solution to sinus and nasal congestion. Formulated with a unique blend of proteolytic enzymes, including mucolase, lipase, and amylase, MucoStop is designed to alleviate congestion and support the elimination of mucus without the drowsiness often associated with over-the-counter decongestants. This vegan and kosher formula helps reduce pain and swelling and supports the immune system by targeting harmful proteins. If you’re looking for a non-drowsy, effective way to handle sinus issues, MucoStop provides a potent enzyme-based alternative to keep you clear and comfortable.

The History of Enzymedica

Enzymedica's story begins in 1998 when founder Tom Bohager, driven by his own lifelong digestive struggles, sought a natural remedy to his discomfort. With a solid background in nutritional supplements, Bohager began to develop enzyme blends tailored to alleviate his digestive issues. His personal triumphs with these blends led to the establishment of Enzymedica, a company founded on the mission to offer effective, natural solutions for digestive health. Over the years, what started as a modest endeavor has blossomed into a globally recognized brand, leading the market in enzyme supplementation and renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and efficacy.

As Enzymedica advanced, their dedication to research and development spurred the continuous expansion of their product line, designed to address a broad spectrum of digestive concerns. The company now offers a range of enzyme supplements, from those tailored to specific dietary requirements to comprehensive formulas that support overall digestive health. This unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and sustainability has not only earned them the trust of millions of customers worldwide but also cemented their status as a trusted leader in digestive wellness. Through their ongoing efforts, Enzymedica remains at the forefront of providing solutions that support a healthier life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Enzymedica products vegan-friendly?

Yes, the majority of Enzymedica products are vegan-friendly. The company strives to provide supplements catering to vegan diets, although customers are recommended to check specific product labels for detailed ingredient information.

How should I store Enzymedica supplements?

Enzymedica supplements should be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain their efficacy. Refrigeration is not necessary unless specified on the product packaging.

Can Enzymedica enzymes be taken with other medications?

Enzymedica enzymes can generally be taken alongside other medications. However, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you are currently taking prescription medications.

What is the difference between Enzymedica's enzyme formulas?

Enzymedica offers a variety of enzyme formulas designed to address different digestive needs and dietary concerns. Each formula is tailored with specific enzyme blends to optimize digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fibers under various stomach acid conditions. Detailed descriptions of each formula's purpose and benefits are available on their website.

How long does it take for Enzymedica supplements to work?

The time it takes for Enzymedica supplements to work can vary depending on the individual and the specific supplement. Some people may experience benefits shortly after taking them, while for others it may take a few days of consistent use to notice improvements.

Are Enzymedica products safe for children?

Some Enzymedica products are suitable for children, but it is important to consult with a pediatrician before starting any supplement regimen for a child to ensure safety and appropriateness.

Are there any side effects associated with Enzymedica supplements?

Enzymedica supplements are generally safe and side effects are rare. However, as with any supplement, some individuals might experience mild digestive upset initially. If you experience significant side effects, it is recommended to discontinue use and consult a healthcare provider.

Can Enzymedica supplements help with bloating?

Yes, Enzymedica supplements can help reduce bloating by aiding digestion, improving how food is broken down and absorbed, minimizing gas and discomfort associated with bloating.

Can Enzymedica supplements help with food intolerances?

Enzymedica supplements can assist in the digestion of foods that some individuals find difficult to digest, such as dairy, gluten, and complex carbohydrates, thereby helping to alleviate symptoms associated with food intolerances. It is important to note that these supplements are not a cure for food allergies or intolerances but can help manage the digestive symptoms.