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More About Carlson Laboratories

Carlson Labs is well-known for making one of the most complete lines of natural Vitamin E products in the world. John and Susan Carlson founded the company in 1965, and it continues to be family owned.

The Carlson family says they strive to produce only the highest-quality supplements because their name is on every bottle.

Carlson reminds us all that life is made up of little moments you spend with family and friends. You can make the most of those moments when you live them healthily.

What started as a single Vitamin E formula grew into a product line designed to meet a wide range of health needs. That includes Carlson's popular Norwegian fish oils for Omega-3s as well as a complete line of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Many of the fish oils from Carlson are award-winning products that can help support heart health and much more. An independent FDA Registered laboratory regularly tests Carlson fish oils for potency and purity.

Unlike fish oils you may have had in the past, these products actually taste great. You'll even find chewable versions with fun flavors for kids.

Natural Healthy Concepts takes pride in offering a wide selection of choices from Carlson Labs.