Canada RNA Biochemical

Canada RNA Biochemical Inc. offers professional, natural health products to healthcare practitioners. Its line of medicinal mushroom extracts includes CordImmune and Corio PSP. They also produce purified enzymes extracted from earthworms.

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More about Canada RNA Biochemical Inc.

Canada RNA Biochemical strives to offer well-researched, clinically studied products to healthcare practitioners. Its unique products are often based in traditional medicine and are made with medicinal substances from mushrooms and earthworms.

Some of its products include:

  • CordImmune™: seeks to support immune health as well as healthy aging with Cordyceps sinensis mycelial extract
  • Corio PSP™: seeks to support the immune system with Trametes versicolor Cov-1 mycelial extract
  • Boluoke®: seeks to support circulatory health with purified, earthworm enzyme extract

All of Canada RNA Biochemical's products are verified by independent labs and are manufactured according to GMP standards.

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