Barleans Organic Oils

More about Barlean's Organic Oils

The Barlean's farm is located near the Pacific Coast in Ferndale Washington. This family operation grew from a fishing operation in 1972 to becoming the world's leading supplier of flax seed oil. This was made possible due to Barlean's dedication to freshness and to their interest in educating consumers about the many benefits of Omega-3 and flax and fish oil.

One of the key differences in Barlean's Organic Oils vs. the competition, is that Barlean's insists their products be replaced with fresh product at six months, rather than sitting on a shelf for a year. Flax seed and other organic oils are somewhat perishable and freshness is key for optimum nutrition benefits.

The other key difference is that the flax oil is fresh pressed and shipped to stores within days of being bottled! Savvy customers know that fresh pressed flax offers superior health benefits. They also know that a single tablespoon of flax seed oil provides 7700 mg. of Omega-3 essential fatty acid, which is equal to 5 to 10 fish oil capsules!

All of this and, the fact that Barlean's supplements uses the freshest fish oils tested in independently and FDA-registered laboratories, makes Barlean's your go-to option for Omega-3 oil. Taste the difference today!