More about Badger Products

A small, family-owned business tucked away in beautiful New Hampshire, Badger's Philosophy of Formulation is simple: "Make products for people we love, and then share them with the world."

Every Badger product is made with the best ingredients, including organic plant extracts and soothing and nourishing oils, butters and beeswax. With all this good stuff, Badger brings you all the all-natural benefits of aromatherapy, vitamin-rich oils, essential oils, and minerals in personal care products the whole family can love.

Dedicated to quality, every ingredient is held to the "Badger Natural Standard," which means each ingredient is examined at every step of production, from growth and sustainability to supply chain. And Badger is proud to use USDA Certified Organic ingredients, making their products pure enough to eat!

But Badger isn't just about creating great all-natural products. It's also about living your best life and helping the world to be a little bit better of a place. With innovative policies allowing mothers to bring their babies to work and quality childcare, family always comes first. Extending their commitment to kindness and compassion, Badger is also very involved in the community and supports a variety of social and environmental initiatives.

Welcome Badger into your family with their sunscreens, insect repellents, Man Care line, muscle rubs and more!