Allergy Research Group

More About Allergy Research

For more than three decades, Allergy Research Group has been making it easier for people with certain allergies to take the beneficial supplements that support optimal health.

Founded in 1979, Allergy Research was one of the first manufacturers to introduce truly hypoallergenic supplements to the market. That means you're much less likely to have an adverse allergic reaction to these products.

People who have extreme sensitivities often find that products from Allergy Research are the only ones they can tolerate. These supplements will contain absolutely no fish, gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, shellfish or any other common allergens.

Allergy Research Group uses only the purest ingredients and strives to find those with the lowest allergic potential.

Natural Healthy Concepts is proud to offer these high-quality products to all our customers. That includes popular selections such as DHEA tablets as well as Zen capsules for natural relaxation support.

If you're a person who deals with the frustration of allergies, check out all that Allergy Research has to offer and find the supplements that meet your health needs.