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Workout Wednesday: The Stability Ball Workout for a Stronger Core


Sitting for extended periods of time has almost become an epidemic. Between day jobs, commutes, and fatigue, many of us are sitting way too often and for far too long. When you’re sitting, you’re rarely engaging your core muscles. They weaken as a result, and your posture suffers. Your overall health suffers, too.

We’ve been talking about your core a lot lately, and it’s always for good reason. This week, we’ve got another core workout for you, but this one’s a little different—you get to use a stability ball as a prop.

A Stronger Core Means a Healthier You

As you probably already know, your core muscles are incredibly important pieces in the puzzle that is your overall health. They keep your spine and torso stable and make it possible for you to shift your body weight around. Your core muscles are what make it possible for you to stand up straight, walk, and even sit.

It goes without saying that the healthier and stronger you keep these muscles, the better your overall health will be. So, this week’s workout targets those important core muscles in a fast, fun way.


This quick and simple stability ball workout targets your core muscles, and only takes 15 to 20 minutes. According to GoodHousekeeping.com, “Research show that abdominal exercises done on the stability ball activate twice as many core muscles as classic belly toners like the crunch and sit-up” (Source).

Because this workout only takes a short period of time to complete, it’s ideal to do it at least three days every week. You’ll have a healthier, stronger core in no time!

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How do you keep your core strong and healthy? Let us know in the comment section below.