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Workout Wednesday: The No-Gym Workout

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We’ve all experienced busy days. Many of us have them every single day, which can sometimes be a big factor in our decisions to skip the gym and opt for a nap instead. While napping rarely has consequences, skipping the gym for a day (rest days not included) can have them.

For a number of people, missing just one day can lead to missing a second. And a third. Pretty soon, you’ve fallen off the workout wagon completely, and we don’t want that to happen.

Whether you’re traveling for work, are unable to get to the gym because of weather, or are just dealing with complete unpredictability during the day, there’s no need to skip your daily workout. You’re probably wondering how this is possible, and the answer is an easy one: Just simplify your workouts.

Choosing a Simplified Workout When Busy

The idea of choosing simple workouts is a lot less complex than you’re probably thinking. A good place to start is to think about movements that you do on a daily basis, as well as others that you can do any time, anywhere. Good examples include move like push-ups, jumping jacks, planks, squats, and sit-ups, just to name a few.

While fitting a workout into a busy day takes a bit more planning that it would if you were just heading to the gym, it’s still pretty simple. Decide on the movements you want to tackle, find a comfortable space, and get to work.

The No-Gym Workout

The ideals above are the basis for this week’s workout, which comes from MindBodyGreen. There are five simple moves that can be done in a hotel room, an office lobby, an airport, or while waiting for a train. They can be done anywhere, and provide a healthy workout to a number of your muscle groups.


The Moves

Alternating Knee Touches

Start this move by standing up straight with your feet set about shoulders-width apart. Lift your right knee straight up, keeping it in line with your hip. Touch your knee with your left hand as you cross your arm in front of your body before lowering your leg again. Do the same with your other leg and arm. Repeat 15 times on each side.

Squat with Shoulder Press

Begin by lowering your butt and legs into a proper squat position, with your hips back and in line with your heels as much as possible. Place your right hand by your waste, and your left by your shoulder. Next, stand up straight, and straighten your right arm out in front of you. Your left arm should be straight above your head. Remember to switch sides. Repeat 12 times on each side.

Side Lunge with Shoulder Raise

Start by standing up straight with your arms hanging down by your sides. Lunge your right leg out to your side while bending your left leg at the same time. At the same time, push your left arm straight out to your side and keep it parallel to the floor. Be sure to keep your right knee in line with your toes, and ensure your weight is on your left leg. Do the same with your other leg and arm. Repeat 15 times on each side.

Reverse Lunges with Chest Press

Begin by standing straight up, your hips forward, keep your hands at chest level. Lunge backward with your left leg and keep your right knee bent and in line with your ankle. Hold the move for five or ten seconds, then comes back up, bringing your left knee upward to ward your chest. Stretch your hand out in front of your body and keep it parallel to the floor. Repeat 12 times, then switch sides and repeat 12 more times.

Standing Twist Crunches

Start this last move by standing straight with your hands behind your head. Life your right knee upward toward your chest as you bring your left elbow down to meet it. Touch the two, then return to the starting stance. Remember to alternate side, and repeat for 30 total reps.

Cool-Down & Recovery

For a simple cool-down this week, take a short walk. Whether it’s five minutes around the lobby, airport, or a lap around the building, it’ll help calm your body down.

Even though your workout may not be at the gym, it’s still important to make sure you’re recovery properly. If you’re in the market for new supplement choice, some of my favorites are listed below:

How do you work out when you’re busy or away from your gym? Leave us a comment below and tell us your story.