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Workout Wednesday: The CrossFit Annie WOD


If you’ve been with us for at least a few months, you know that we talked a bit about CrossFit back in September. I posted a relatively simple workout of the day (WOD) that offered a great routine for beginners and veterans alike. It went over pretty big, and I’m guessing it’s because CrossFit is still on the rise in the fitness realm–even in this new year.

This week, we’ve got another CrossFit WOD. It’s another one that may look simple, but really makes you work. Let’s check it out, shall we?

The Annie WOD

I know a few people who absolutely love this work out. Others absolutely hate it. And then there are a few people who have grown from hating it to loving it and vice versa. Maybe the biggest reason for this is because Annie is deceiving. It’s deceiving in a good way, though.

Unlike many other CrossFit WOD’s, this one only has two exercises–sit-ups and double-unders. Sounds pretty easy, right? Yes and no.

Double-unders are the exercise that can be a real pain (forgive the pun). To complete a double-under, while jumping rope, jump a bit higher than you normally would and turn the rope twice as fast. The goal is to get the rope under your feet two times before your feet hit the floor again. I’ve watched some people in my CrossFit classes pick them up right away, while others took weeks to get it down.

Sit-ups are easy for some, and not so easy for others. It’s all dependent on the strength of your core, ab, and back muscles. 150 sit-ups can seem pretty daunting, but that’s the entire point of the Annie WOD. It’s the entire point of CrossFit–to challenge yourself!


For Time

If you like to think in terms of reps, this workout has 300. If that number scares you, 1.) don’t let it, and 2.) keep in mind that this routine is typically done against time and for time.

The infographic above lists exactly what needs to be done. As I said earlier, it looks simple, and for many it may be, but it ‘s challenging. The double-unders give your cardiovascular system a complete workout, while the sit-ups are working multiple muscle groups and helping to strengthen your core.

That’s one of the things I love most about CrossFit. Every WOD is a bigger challenge than it seems, plus it works more muscle than you think it does. The idea of completing Annie for time might be scary, but all you have to do is remember that doing so makes your muscles work harder. When that happens, you burn more calories, build stronger muscles, and are ultimately working toward a healthier self. Who wouldn’t want that?

Cool-Down & Recovery

For a cool-down this week, take a 5-minute walk and let your legs cool down. After that, do a quick set of five jumping jacks to help your heart return to a normal pace.

Remember to drink plenty of water as you cool down, and if you need a few suggestions for quality recovery supplements, some of my favorites are listed below:

Have you made the choice to dive into CrossFit this year? We’d love to hear how it’s helped you stay healthy and in shape. Tell us your story in a comment below!

Featured Image Credit: Jason Devaun via Flickr.com.