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Winter Wellness Tips for Your Family

winter wellness tips
Follow these winter wellness tips to get through the cold.

As a family, staying healthy and active in the cooler months of winter isn’t nearly as easy as in the summer sunshine. For starters, many outdoor activities are no longer an option. Add to that the increase in germs and the ease of spreading them in close quarters, sprinkle in gray days, a lack of vitamin D, and you have a challenge on your hands.

Thankfully, you aren’t anywhere near out of options. We’ve put together a list of easy winter wellness tips for your family that are simple to implement.

6 Winter Wellness Tips For Your Family

It’s not easy to pivot your healthy habits, but these ideas can help you make the changes you need to stay well this winter.

Watch Your Vitamin D Intake

If you live in a part of the country without much winter sunshine, it’s important to get outside as much as you and to supplement with extra vitamin D. This key nutrient plays an essential role in supporting the immune system, maintaining mental health, bone health, and more.

Vitamin D3 Gummies for Kids from Nordic Naturals have a delicious watermelon flavor and contain the vitamin D your kids need to stay well this winter.

Wash Your Hands

Winter germs are lurking everywhere, and while you don’t need to become a germaphobe, it’s important to wash your hands at key times in your daily routine to minimize your risk of getting sick. You don’t have to use an antibacterial soap, the best way to ensure clean hands is to wash for at least 20 sections and scrub with quality soap while you’re doing so.

Stay Moving!

There is no reason to switch to a sedentary lifestyle just because the temperature dropped outdoors. You can still bundle up and go for a walk or jog and even take the kids on a bike ride as long as the road conditions aren’t slippery. There are plenty of indoor ways to stay active as well from fitness-based video games to indoor family workout routines. Need more ideas? Let the kids create a challenging obstacle course and award a prize to the person who gets through it the fastest.

Keep your kids at their summer superhero levels with Kidz Superfood Protein + Probiotics from Amazing Grass! This delicious whole-food shake is crafted with organic greens, fruits, and vegetables, in addition to 1 billion CFU probiotics!

Be Kind to Your Skin 

Dry winter skin is no joke (remember all that hand washing?) Failing to care for your skin in the cool, dry months can cause chapped lips, cracked hands and painful red noses. Stay hydrated by drinking enough fluids, use a high quality hand and skin cream on dry areas before they crack, and consider a few humidifiers around your home to increase the moisture in the air.

Cut Out the Cookies

Well, maybe not all the cookies The problem is that many families allow the holidays to dictate their eating and give up on the fresh fare so common in the warmer months. Continue the good habit of filling those lunchboxes and dinner plates with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to stay well this winter.

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Do you have any shareable winter wellness tips for your family? Type them in the comments section below to add to the list of healthy ideas.