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Potential Benefits of Vitamin B12 Spray

vitamin-b12-sprayB vitamins provide necessary support for life and vitality. While these essential vitamins are readily available in various foods and dietary supplements, another method to improve one’s vitamin intake is via a vitamin spray. The small container and long shelf life of a vitamin spray bottle are two benefits of this method. More importantly, certain vitamin sprays are said to increase the bioavailability of vitamins as a result of optimal absorption into the bloodstream.

One of the most common sprays available is a vitamin B12 spray. Vitamin B12 is important because it helps to support the production of DNA synthesis and red blood cells. A deficiency in this vitamin can result in immune system challenges, feelings of fatigue, and cognitive inefficiencies. A vitamin B12 spray can go a long way in filling nutritional gaps and give your body necessary support for alertness and energy.

Research continues on the efficacy of vitamin sprays. The results of one study featuring 10 healthy elderly adults found that the absorption of a nasal B12 spray was rapid, high, and safe. A spray might be a viable option for many, as the study concludes that a weekly spray might be as potent as a monthly injection. With so many potential conveniences, a B12 spray is certainly a worthwhile consideration for someone looking to improve their vitamin intake.

The Spray Effect

There are three common types of vitamin sprays readily available to the public. Oral sprays, also called sublingual sprays, direct the vitamin extract under the tongue where it is absorbed by blood vessels and mucous membranes. This method is believed to have an equal efficacy of standard vitamin pills that are absorbed by the stomach during digestion. With a nasal spray, a vitamin extract is absorbed through a large surface area of the nasal cavity. Last, certain vitamin sprays are designed to be sprayed directly onto the skin, which may provide quick, if brief, skin nourishment. Of the three spray methods, nasal sprays are believed to have the best absorption rate.

While sublingual sprays haven’t conclusively shown to have a better bioavailability than standard pills, there are several ways a consumer might find a vitamin spray more pleasant. Intestinal complications can make vitamin pill digestion not a viable option for some consumers. This is particularly the case when it comes to the absorption demands of vitamin B12. A vitamin spray may also be a good option for consumers who have trouble with their swallowing reflex. Some consumers may also find conveniences in the smaller bottle size of a vitamin spray, as well as eliminating the water cup as a medicine cabinet prop.

Dosage is just as important when using a vitamin spray as it is with a standard capsule. It is important not to double up on dosages, even when a dosage is missed. Consumers should also be able to distinguish between serious and non-serious potential side-effects. A runny nose, slight headache, or mild nausea are not cause for immediate concern. However, a rash, chest pain, or dizziness are cause for concern. Additionally, it may take practice before a consumer can confidently produce a consistent dosage with the spray mechanism. For all these reasons, it’s beneficial for one to consult a medical professional before using a vitamin spray.

B12: A Vitamin for Cognitive and Circulatory Health

Vitamin B12 provides several necessary functions for the body. The nutrient is required for healthy brain and nerve function, and aids the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 helps regulate energy by metabolizing food. Vitamin B12 also helps regulate homocysteine levels, which are often high in people experiencing memory loss or heart health challenges. It follows that B12 is one of the most sought after nutrients via dietary supplementation and vitamin spray.

Vitamin sprays featuring B12 often include other nutrients to support healthy energy levels and vitality. B12 MC Spray with Folic Acid is a one-ounce vial with about 150 servings. This product matches the potential benefits of vitamin B12 with a daily recommendation of vitamin B6. B12 Organic Spray combines the vitamin with extracts of nearly two dozen organic vegetables. This 2 oz bottle is infused with a delicious raspberry flavor.

Vitamin sprays are a creative way to receive the potential cognitive, cardio, and epidermal benefits of vitamin B12. Especially if you have trouble swallowing or digesting traditional vitamin capsules, a vitamin B12 spray might be an effective tool to fill nutritional gaps. Typically available in various flavor profiles, a vitamin spray might just be what your mucous membranes and taste buds desire.