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Why You Should Use Tincture Supplements


Tinctures contain herbs, vitamins, or minerals at a higher concentration than you might find in a conventional liquid supplement. Tinctures typically come in 1-2 ounce bottles and include a dropper inside of the cap that allows you to measure out each dosage carefully. You can take tinctures orally, mix them, or add them to food or drink.

Unlike some liquid supplements that you take by the spoonful, tinctures may only require a dosage of around 10 drops or less. Each formula is different, and you will want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or those from your primary care physician for optimal results

So, are tinctures right for you? Let’s take a look at their potential benefits, how to make your own, and why the Nutramedix brand is so good at crafting quality, ready to use tincture supplements.

The Benefits of Tinctures

Tinctures are particularly useful for two reasons. The first and most simple reason is that you usually do not need to consume a large amount of any tincture to potentially benefits from the compounds found in each product.

For people who struggle to ingest certain supplements or can’t drink large amounts of liquids, a tincture may be perfect; likewise, because the bottles are small they are easier to travel with.

The other reason has to do with herbs. Some herbs require the consumption of a larger quantity of the plant to feel its medicinal effect. Tinctures solve this by placing the herbs in a solvent – usually alcohol – to draw the beneficial medicinal compounds from the herb. Next, the herbs are filtered out and the remaining liquid is added to a bottle.

How to Make Tinctures

Make a tincture by selecting your herb of choice and remove all unusable plant parts. This may or may not include things like stems, leaves, roots, flowers, or fruits. What plant parts you use will depend on the herb of choice. Additionally, do not use herbs from an unknown source. If an herb is grown using pesticides or harvested near an industrial area, the potentially harmful toxins found in the soil may find their way into the plant and your body.

Next, place the herbs in a dark glass jar and fill with a solvent. The dark glass will help to protect the plant material from ultraviolet light. For homemade mixtures, you will want to use apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, or pure alcohol from corn, grapes, wheat, or sugar that has been distilled to at least 190 proof; you can also use vodka with 80-100 proof. The plant to liquid ratio should be between 1:1 and 1:4, meaning for each 1 part of plant material you use one or more parts liquid.

Then, filter out the plant material and pour the liquid into a small dark glass bottle with a glass dropper. Do not use plastic as the alcohol can interact with the plastic and either degrading it or leach chemicals into the liquid.

Make sure to label each tincture with the herb and parts uses, the type of alcohol, and the date.

Curious about what types of herbs you should try? Here are just a few of the most popular tinctures:

  • Maca (support for hormonal balance and energy)
  • Cannabis (supports relaxation of the body and mind, stress, anxiety, and pain)
  • Benzoin (used in first aid kits)
  • Propolis (supports the respiratory system, gut, and skin)
  • Elderberry or echinacea (immune system support)
  • Turmeric (antioxidants, pain, and immune system support)

If making tinctures isn’t for you, then shop a brand that specializes in crafting tincture formulas with quality herbal ingredients.

Nutramedix Tincture Supplements

Nutramedix crafts many supplements, but tinctures are their speciality. The brand’s tinctures feature whole-plant herbal extracts and minerals that provide optimal bioavailability with each dosage.

These formulas offer a range of potential medicinal support for many areas of the body, including support for energy levels with Maca, detoxification with Burbur Pinella, a healthy immune system with Mora, and many more.

You can always create your own tinctures, but sometimes buying from the experts is best. Nutramedix is a reliable brand with many satisfied customers.

Experience tincture supplements for your herbal support needs and see if they make a difference in your life!