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Side Effects of Statin Drugs & Natural Alternatives-Infographic

As of March 2012, one in three adults over the age of 40 has high cholesterol the CDC claims. The American Heart Association says 102 million Americans age 20 + have elevated cholesterol levels. And more than 15 million Americans are on Statin drugs. But, there’s also a good chunk of people suffering the nasty side-effects. 

Maybe it’s time to re-think those statin drugs and their not-so-nice side-effects.

Here’s an infographic explaining the side effects of “cholesterol lowering” statin drugs and natural alternatives you can try!

Statin Drugs Side Effects and Natural Alternatives

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Cardioauxin from Nutri-Dyn demonstrated a significant improvement in cardiovascular parameters without any negative side effects in a University of Minnesota study on heart health.



120 Tabs, Nutri-Dyn

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 Try this before your Dr puts you on Statins

By Kimmy from IA on 02/12/2012

Pros: It works!
Recommended: Yes
Cardioauxin lowered my total cholesterol 65 points in the first 5 weeks I took it. I am unable to take statins as the side affects were horrible for the 4 I tried. I haven’t had any side effects from this, and have been taking it for the last 3 years. I take two pills in the morning and two at night.

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 Better than statins

By Annie from Iowa on 09/06/2011
Pros: no side effects
Recommended: Yes
I have been taking Cardioauxin for 2 years with great results and no side effects. My physician had started me on statins 3 years ago and I had terrible side effects from the 3 that he tried. I told him “the cure was worse than the disease” and that I wouldn’t try any more prescription drugs for lowering my cholesterol. I asked my Chiropractor if he had any recommendations other than Niacin and he told me about Cardioauxin. My cholesterol went down 65 points in 6 weeks!!! My physician now tells me to stay on it!
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 Works on making a healthy heart

By Inge H Cannon from Yuma, AZ US on 10/22/2009

Recommended: Yes

Mom was run down and tired all the time. She had some heart problems. My chiropractor suggested Cardioauxin. My Mom’s energy improved significantly. She showed the bottle to her medical doctor, who said a lot that is in CardioAuxin is good for the heart. She has continued to use CardioAuxin even after her pacemaker. It has helped her recovery tremendously. She swears by it now and tells every one about it.

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