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Could Shilajit Powder Support Your Overall Health?

shilajit powder
Shilajit powder contains over 85 trace minerals and may have a number of potential benefits to support your health.

If you are not familiar with the word shilajit, you’re not alone. This strange black goo is just now becoming widely known and understood in the western world. The eastern hemisphere, on the other hand, has long been aware of the potential punch that this resinous organic plant matter may provide. Ancient practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have been harvesting and using shilajit resin for thousands of years to meet the health needs of their patients.

Ayurvedic medicine is a 5,000 year old practice out of India which seeks to bring balance to the unique needs of the body, mind and spirit. Practitioners believe that each individual possesses one of 3 dosha types, or unique set of physical and spiritual needs. The three dosha types are pitta, kapha and vata and when in balance they provide energy and direction for life. When out of balance they can pull your positive qualities into a negative space, resulting in discontent, stress and imbalance.

Shilajit resin and shilajit powder can help bring about balance to your dosha as well as your daily life. Read on to learn more about this supplement and what it can do to help you achieve your natural health goals.

What is Shilajit and Where Does it Come From?

Shilajit resin comes from many mountainous regions across the world but its original sourcing is attributed to the Himalayan mountains. It’s also been used and harvested in Tibet, Russia, China and the northern parts of Chile. Shilajit is, at first glance, a dark, black vegetable matter that emerges between the rocks and boulders of high altitude spaces. Over the years it has been sought out and harvested for supplemental health use and is now easily available online in many forms. It can be taken in its original, resinous form, stirred into drinks, or used in capsules as a powder. Powdered shilajit resin can be easily mixed into smoothies, juice, and protein drinks which can be easier to ingest and work with than its thicker, stickier counterpart.

The Potential Benefits of Shilajit Powder

Shilajit is rich in antioxidants,  especially fulvic acid. Along with a host of other potential benefits it may support brain health and bring clearer thought and heightened focus to your daily life. In fact, many of the studies on Shilajit center around neural health and processing, especially its ability to provide assistance to mental disease and addiction. Research also shows that regular use of  shilajit powder may assist you in your efforts to restore health to your blood pressure and cholesterol levels already in the normal range. It may also have balancing effect on hormones and reproductive, libido issues. Simply put, those who believe in the power of shilajit resin and shilajit powder can’t speak highly enough of its life enriching qualities.

Shilajit Products To Get You Started

The natural, earthy, and nutrient rich properties of shilajit in both resinous and powdered form can’t be ignored. Be sure to start slowly with shilajit, trying a small amount at first to see how it benefits you. Shilajit should be ingested in the morning, as its energy-giving effects could interfere with sleep if taken later in the day.  If you’re ready to implement shilajit into your supplement regimen, check out these products to get a better idea of how to get started.

Fulvic Minerals

shilajit powderWith over 100mg of purified Shilajit per capsule, Fulvic Minerals from SolaRay are vegetarian and available in easy to swallow capsules. These capsules contain fulvic acid, triterpenes, and humic acids as well and may help support healthy aging, the immune and circulatory systems, bone health and more.

Shilajit Supreme by HealthForce Nutritionals

shilajit powderShilajit Supreme from Healthforce may support energy, endocrine function, metabolism, brain function and a healthy immune system. Shilajit Supreme is harvested from a pristine, high altitude area of the Himalayan Mountains, then filtered and concentrated into a nutrient-rich powder.

Are you using shilajit powder to support and enhance your natural health journey? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.