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Reduce Cortisol Levels for Better Sleep with Cortisol Manager

I can't get no sleep
I can’t get no sleep (Photo credit: Jsome1)

You’ve heard about cortisol – that high cortisol levels contribute to weight gain.  But what is it?  Cortisol is known as the “stress” hormone as it is secreted in higher amounts during the bodies “fight or flight” response.  Cortisol is normally higher in the morning and tapers off toward evening.

Higher and sustained levels of cortisol such as during times of chronic stress, have been shown to have negative effects.   Chronic high cortisol levels promote blood sugar imbalances, suppressed adrenal and thyroid function, lowered immunity, higher blood pressure and an increase in abdominal fat.

High cortisol levels interfere with our natural sleeping cycle.   When we manage our stress (and therefore cortisol) better, our bodies function better and we sleep better.   If reducing stress were only that easy and we could just take a supplement to reduce cortisol levels and stress!

Integrative Therapeutics introduced Cortisol Manager for that very purpose – to reduce cortisol levels.   This supplement may just be the help needed to break the vicious cycle of not getting enough sleep because you’re stressed and, getting more stressed due to lack of sleep and being overwhelmed.

Dramatic Results for Stress and Sleep!†
A 28-day clinical trial found that Cortisol Manager produced a dramatic reduction in stress during the course of the study—more than a 60% drop in cortisol levels after the first dose and averaging 75-83% reduction at study’s end.†1 (www.integrativeinc.com)Cortisol Manager is a dietary supplement with fantastic reviews.   Jubes from Australia says, “I have pretty much constantly had elevated levels of cortisol, for years! Cortisol Manager has taken away that constant, no let up, adrenalin running through my veins! I even sleep better! I am so glad I found this product.  I totally recommend it!”

Cortisol Manager may be especially useful during times of high stress – perfect for the holiday season!  Cortisol Manager by Integrative Therapeutics is :

  • Safe: promotes relaxation with NO habit-forming ingredients†
  • Natural: will not cause morning grogginess†
  • Effective: 71% of study participants experienced improved sleep†
  • Fast Acting: reduced cortisol levels after only 24 hours†

A participant survey also revealed:1

  • 71% of participants felt more relaxed during the day†
  • 64% achieved deeper sleep, while 57% felt they fell asleep more easily†
  • 57% felt their stress level was reduced†
  • 57% felt they were better able to handle stressful situations†