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Olive Leaf Extract Dosage Guidelines

olive leaf extract dosage
Find out your recommended daily olive leaf extract dosage to support your health.

Health experts and natural health enthusiasts have long touted the amazing benefits of adding olive oil to your diet. There’s just one downfall… the oil, in large amounts, is high in fat and calories, which can be a major turnoff for those who are watching their weight. There is an alternative though – olive leaf extract. Scientists say it may offer similar results as the oil without the high calories. It may even help you regulate your weight. Learn what olive leaf extract dosage you may need for optimal health in this blog post!

Many studies cite that parts of the olive plant may help maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels already in the normal range, and it has been shown to be a good preventative measure for health and wellness as a whole. However, the real star of the olive tree isn’t its oil, or its leaves. It’s actually oleuropein, the major phenolic compound found in all parts of the tree, including its fruit.

What is Oleuropein?

Oleuropein is the element that gives extra-virgin olive oil its strong bitter taste. It appears to have highly protective effects against LDL cholesterol oxidation and may also promote a healthy metabolism, healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range, and support overall skin appearance. For a complete listing of potential health benefits from olive leaf extract, check out the book, Olive Leaf Extract, written by Dr. Morton Walker, published by East Park Research.

How to Use Olive Leaf Extract

There are a variety of convenient ways you can add olive leaf extract into your daily routine. You can purchase high quality supplements that are pre-measured in capsule form, such as Olive Leaf Extract 250 mg from Solaray, or choose a liquid supplement that can be added to food, taken orally, or used to make tea or juice, such as Whole Leaf Olive Extract from Herb Pharm. There is no right or wrong way to consume olive leaf extract, it’s simply your preference. Dosages however can vary depending on what type of results you’re hoping to gain.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) currently does not regulate any olive leaf extract dosage, so you may find inconsistent information when searching online. The good news is that the supplement’s risk of toxicity is low, but there are always potential side effects with any change in your diet. You should always carefully read the dosage guidelines that are labeled on the product you decide to buy. Different manufacturers and brands offer supplements in varying strengths and dosages, so make sure you know exactly how much you are consuming before you take it. Also, it’s always smart to consult a healthcare professional before adding any supplement to your daily routine.

Average Recommended Olive Leaf Extract Dosage

For adults, most nutritional labels on dietary supplements indicate taking up to 500 mg, twice daily, or 250 mg supplements up to four times a day. For children two and older, cut the dosage in half.

It’s often recommended that you take olive leaf extract with food and split dosages throughout your day. If you notice any sensitivities, you can always start out with a lower dosage and gradually increase it as your body becomes acclimated to avoid potential side effects, such as headaches, nausea, or diarrhea.

Have you had luck with olive leaf extract? What’s your daily olive leaf extract dosage? We’d love to hear about your experience! Tell us about it in the comments below!