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No Vaccines, No School….Not So! Part II

In part I of our blog, I mentioned the pitfalls of our “one-size-fits-all” vaccination policies and spoke of the misconceptions about back to school vaccine requirements. This is the article that inspired me to write the blog in the first place. You should know the vaccination laws in your state , your rights as a parent in your state, and thoroughly educate yourself on the vaccines themselves, before you make a decision to vaccinate. Just as you did your research homework before you bought a product, isn’t it even more important to research something that will be injected into your child’s body?

I explained in part one the contributing factors to my grand daughter’s, Megan’s, spiralling from apparent health onto the autism spectrum. How did this happen? Why are so many children ( at least 1 in 100) being diagnosed with autism today? Let’s back up a little to explain the domino effect of what happens from generation to generation when parents have less than optimal health that is compounded by other factors like, poor diet, vaccines, and environmental toxins. In my grand daughter’s situation, the problem started with me!

I was bottle fed as an infant and even though we were fed healthy meals and weren’t allowed many sweets, I had a lot of cavities which translated into a mouth full of amalgam fillings. All that mercury leached into my system when I was pregnant with my children - and into the breast-milk when I nursed them. Mercury messes with your gut health! It can have a devastating effect on the healthy bacteria in your intestinal tract that supports your immune system. Remember, up to 70% of your immune system is housed in your gut! I had poor gut health and passed it on to my daughter.  This lead to my daughter’s history with eczema, some irritable bowel issues (meaning her gut wasn’t as healthy as it should be either!) and, without my knowledge, she also had amalgam fillings when she was in college, making her gut even more unhealthy.

Here’s a helpful article from  Custom Probiotics (a product that should be a mainstay in your supplement regimen) to help you understand the mercury-gut health-autism connection. For another graphic example of mercury’s toxic effects, check out this YouTube video, “Smoking Teeth” – the World Health Organization has determined that the number one source of mercury poisoning is from amalgam fillings which contain 50% mercury!

Back to my story…

My daughter had also been on birth control pills before she conceived in addition to the mercury fillings.  Do you know birth control pills will also affect your healthy gut flora? This means the conditions for her pregnancy were already vulnerable. Then during her pregnancy, she received a RhoGAM shot for an Rh negative condition AND a flu shot – both of which contain thimerosal (which is 50% mercury by weight).  In case you’re thinking vaccines no longer contain thimerosal, guess again. The vaccines that are considered “mercury-free” still contain traces of mercury. (Just like many foods you eat are labeled “trans-fat free” but they’re still allowed to contain small amounts of trans-fats.) You can thank the “big-pharma, big-food,” lobbyists for that!  You must ask for a single-dose vaccine if you want one considered thimerosal free. Otherwise, multi-dose flu shots and children’s vaccines will contain thimerosal. Now you see how my grand daughter was subjected to multiple exposures to mercury before she was born. She unfortunately inherited my daughter’s poor gut flora. The one big thing that saved her from further damage was the fact that she was breast fed.

Babies are born with little to no immunity (no gut flora). They receive their immunity by picking up healthy bacteria in the birth canal. They receive more through breast feeding and their constant interaction with their environment – they put everything in their mouths! These combined factors strengthen their immune systems. However, when pregnancy begins in a mother with a compromised immune system, and you throw in other health concerns like (eczema, allergies, diabetes, or any autoimmune disease) you have the potential recipe for disaster for her offspring.

If you’d like a comprehensive overview of gut health and the link to chronic illnesses like autism, I strongly encourage you to listen to this interview with Dr. Joe  Mercola and Natasha Campell-McBride – author of the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet. Dr. Campbell explains the connection between the functioning of the digestive system and the functioning of the brain.

When you take a child with a compromised immune system and assault it with multiple vaccines which contain everything from mercury, aluminum (known neurotoxins), antibiotics, formaldehyde, ammonium sulfate and more, their little bodies aren’t strong enough to fight the effects of so many toxins in their system. If you have a school-aged child who already has allergies, a chronic illness, learning disabilities, or cognitive impairment, vaccines could make them worse. My grand daughter only received two vaccines, but they were what caused her ultimate journey into autism. Her body was on toxic overload and she needed help.

This is why knowing your family history before you vaccinate (if you choose to do so) is so critical. You need to know if anyone in your family has an autoimmune disease like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or Crohns disease. Does anyone in your family have allergies? Has any of your other children had a bad reaction to a shot? The doctor should know that and your family history before you go ahead  and vaccinate.

Follow the NVIC‘s advice – Before You Vaccinate, Ask 8! What You Need to Know Before and After Vaccination. This debate is all about informed consent. As I mentioned before, every state in the US has some exemptions. Check out the State Law & Vaccine Requirements page in NVIC’s website. It will keep you current on your state laws for immunization. We are fortunate in Wisconsin that we have medical, religious and philosophical exemptions. If your state is like Wisconsin and you have all three exemptions, you need to understand the language of the exemptions – some religious exemptions, for example, require you to belong to a church that specifically says no foreign or offensive (to the religion) elements should be injected in the body. READ THE EXEMPTIONS CAREFULLY!

The choice to either vaccinate of not vaccinate both carry risks. If you choose not to vaccinate, then you must take every step to build your child’s immune system (you should do this even if you vaccinate!) Give them healthy foods and supplements like vitamin D3 or New Chapter’s Herbal Immunity 4 Kids that will keep them strong. You can’t be cavalier about your child’s health - once the damage is done, there’s often no turning back.

Lastly, just “follow the money” in evaluating the worth of vaccines. They mean huge profits for big pharma. The Hepatitis B shot given to almost all newborns in the hospital (which is given to target the children of  IV drug users and prostitutes) reaps in a whopping one billion dollars a year and it causes many serious and life threatening disorders – watch Think Twice Global Vaccine . If your child is back at school now and needs more shots,  it’s time for you to do your homework! Let us know what you find out!

PS – Thanks to a pediatric chiropractor, my grand daughter is a thriving, healthy 4 year old today!

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