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New Year’s Pin-Solution Challenge

New Year's Pinsolution Challenge


Week 5 Weekly Winner Announced: Click Here!

Contest Details: Week 5

In January, we are running a blog post series–the 5 Necessary Steps for Successful Weight Loss–to help you reach your New Year’s weight loss goals.  Shedding those few extra pounds isn’t an easy task–that’s why we’ve highlighted necessary steps, which relate to stress, support, nutrition, exercising, and detox, to help you succeed in your New Year’s resolution.

During our New Year’s Pin-Solution Challenge, we are featuring supplements and unique pins that relate to each step in our blog posts series. This week, check out some How Detox Helps You Lose Weight. Enter week number 5 of our New Year’s Pin-Solution Challenge by clicking on the contest pic, or filling out the form here, and then pinning at least one (1) of your favorite detox food ideas to one of your boards for your chance to win the featured product, as well as another entry in our grand prize drawing of a $100 shopping spree to Natural Healthy Concepts. If you haven’t re-pinned the contest announcement yet, you can re-pin it for an extra chance at the grand prize drawing. Week 5 entry and final entry to our grand prize drawing of a $100 Shopping Spree to Natural Healthy Concepts ends February 13, 2012 at midnight!

Detoxification is a healthy and natural way to help your body get rid of harmful toxins. When done properly, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself to prevent health issues or even lose weight. Doesn’t it make sense to clean your insides? If your organs don’t have to focus all their attention on the toxic build up, then the nutrients will be able to do what they need for your body! The losing weight part is just an added benefit! Learn more by visiting our blog post here or checking out some of our pins below:

Simple Exercising Tips to Help You Lose Weight

As most of us can relate, when we try to start exercising, we think of all the excuses for not doing it;  getting fit starts to seem overwhelming and that makes it feel stressful-before long, we don’t want to do it anymore.  We can easily avoid these temptations by staying motivated and taking some time out of our busy schedules to hit up the gym or workout. Read the full blog post here, and check out some of our Week 4 Pin-Solution pics below:

Week 3:Nutrition to Support Hormones & Weight Loss

Sadly, weight loss is not as simple as increasing physical activity and decreasing calorie intake.  If it were that simple,  more people would probably be more successful at maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight.  When we are younger, are bodies are more forgiving, but as we age, it becomes harder for us to shed the pounds. Without the proper hormonal balance and nutrition intake, many of us will find it hard to shed the pounds. Learn how nutrition, dietary intake, and hormone levels can affect your weight loss, and what you can do to improve  your health from our blog post, Nutrition to Support Hormones & Weight Loss.  Also, check out some of the great recipes from our New Year’s Pin-solution challenge below:

[section_title title=Week 2: Shred the Pounds with Social Media]

Week 2: Shred the Pounds with Social Media

Studies show that people with weight-loss support have better success than those who try on their What if you don’t have the money to join a group, or weekly weigh-ins aren’t realistic in your busy schedule? Where can you get support? How can you find a weight loss buddy? Learn more on how to Shed the Pounds with Social Media! 

[section_title title=Week 1: 15 Tips to Help with Stress Eating]

Week 1: 15 Tips to Help with Stress Eating

In week number 1, we focused on stress. Reaching for food to deal with stress is a common impulse for many of us and one with consequences for our waistlines. Help with your eating habits with these 15 Tips to Help with Stress Eating. If you need extra help, check out some of the products below, click on the pins, or visit our stress support page here.

Top stress Supplements
  • Apex Energetics’ Adaptocrine provides herbal support to help reduce the effect of stress on your body
  • Adrenacalm Balancing Cream from Apex Energetics contains herbs and nutrients to support stress response
  • Adrenal Rebuilder by Doctor Wilson’s may help you maintain energy and rebound from stress or adrenal fatigue
  • RLC Labs’ a-Drenal is designed to help with adrenal fatigue and provide natural stress relief
  • Premier Research Labs’ AdrenaVen is specially formulated to help support optimal adrenal health during times of stress
  • Biosom by Metagenics is a liquid DHEA spray that helps support adrenal function and stress relief
  • Neuroscience Calm-PRT provides neurotransmitter support for stress, anxiety, and restlessness
  • Cortisol Manager by Integrative Therapeutics is a natural cortisol supplement designed to reduce stress and relieve sleeplessness
  • Seriphos by Interplexus is formulated to provide natural stress relief, adrenal support, and cortisol support
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