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6 Potential Health Benefits of Myrrh Oil

myrrh oil
Find out six ways myrrh oil is used to support optimal health.

You may not know a lot about myrrh oil outside of the occasional bible story, but if that’s all you know, there’s a lot you may be missing. Myrrh is not simply a commodity of the past, but a potentially helpful essential oil and supplement championed by natural health practitioners now and for the past 5,000 years. Odds are that if you’ve had a massage or attended a yoga class in the past, you have come into contact with the soothing aroma of myrrh. Myrrh oil also has a plethora of uses outside of aromatherapy. Read on to learn more about myrrh oil and why you should consider implementing it into your natural, healthy routine.

What is Myrrh Oil?

Myrrh is a resinous substance harvested from the sap of the Commiphora myrrha tree, which is commonly found in the Middle East and Africa. To harvest, small cuts are made in the tree, allowing the sticky sap to flow out and harden. When hardened, it is processed via steam distillation for use in myrrh oil and myrrh supplements. Myrrh has been used by health practitioners for thousands of years, dating back to the building of the pyramids in Egypt and every religion rooted in the Middle East used myrrh in their embalming process and prayer rituals.

The use of essential oils in modern medicine has scientists keenly researching myrrh oil for its numerous potential benefits. Here are six ways myrrh may support in your road to holistic health:

01. Supports Wound Care

For centuries, natural health practitioners have used myrrh oil for its potential antiseptic properties. Recent studies concluded that the application of myrrh oil to a wound led to significant increase in wound contraction rate, shorter epithelization time and higher skin breaking strength as compared to the negative control.

02. Supports a Healthy Mood

Historically, myrrh oil has been burned during prayer rituals or as a sign of suffering, and is typically combined with frankincense. Modern uses include blending it with citrus or sandalwood for an uplifting and meditative effect during aromatherapy.

03. May Support Cell Health

Some new studies suggest that myrrh oil may be beneficial in the slowing of malignant cells. A significant inhibitory effect was noted in the cell lines following treatment with the myrrh essential oil, scientists report.

04. Supports Healthy-Looking Skin

Many natural skin care products contain myrrh oil to both enhance the scent and efficacy of application. Some products suggest that myrrh oil may support healthy aging and may have rejuvenative qualities when applied to the skin in a carrier oil or a skin care product.

05. May Provide Anti-inflammatory Support

Research suggests that myrrh oil may support a healthy internal response. Scientists report that frankincense and myrrh are highly effective in treatment of inflammatory diseases when taken orally.

06. Supports Digestive Support

The antioxidant properties of myrrh may support digestive health and may lead to healthy elimination. Myrrh oil may also potentially ease stomach discomfort.

How To Use Myrrh Oil in Daily Life

Myrrh oil is generally applied topically to the skin or diffused into the air for its fragrant properties. However, some dietary supplements are available, which contain myrrh in capsule form, while other users may include a few drops of myrrh oil in a hot tea. Due to potential side effects and drug interactions; however, it’s best to talk with your doctor before taking myrrh oil orally.

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