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Interview With Michael Belkin Of The Refusers

The Refusers Twitter Chat on Vaccines

As promised, here is the transcript from the (@naturalhealthy) Twitter interview and vaccine chat with Michael Belkin, author, Wall Street guru, and lead singer of The Refusers (@the_refusers). You can also view the full conversation on Twitter using hashtag #vaccinechat.

For those who don’t know, Michael lost his 5 week-old daughter, Lyla, following her second Hepatitis B vaccine in 1998. Since that tragic experience, Michael has devoted his life to educating parents on the risks of our “one-size-fits-all” mandatory vaccine schedule. Michael promotes vaccine choice and informed consent through personal testimonies, articles in books and magazines, and songs from his band, The Refusers.

We interviewed Michael on Twitter asking him to give us his background and opinion on vaccines, and provide some history on the band. We also let others join in on the conversation too:

@naturalhealthy Welcome everyone! Let’s get started with our #vaccinechat-We’re here with @the_refusers and are ready to begin! #vaccinechat

?@naturalhealthy For those who don’t know, lead singer of the band – the_refusers, Michael Belkin stands up for the rights of parents #vaccinechat

?@naturalhealthy Why did you start The Refusers Band? #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers To stand up against forced vaccine mandates
@the_refusers The Band’s name is from AAP statement on informed consent-it says you have the right to REFUSE a medical procedure

?@naturalhealthy @the_refusers What was your opinion on vaccines before you lost your daughter? #vaccinechat

@the_refusers I assumed vaccines were safe and prevented disease.
@the_refusers My daughter was 5 weeks old when she received her second Hep B vaccine. 15 hours later she passed away

@yentayants @the_refusers #vaccinechat How do you feel about #Gardasil?

@the_refusers @yentyants …I think our song explains our position on it. I would never get it to my kids
?@the_refusers @yentayants We have a song called “100 Dead”  http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/13661523
@naturalhealthy For those who don’t know, #Gardasil is an HPV vaccine touted to “prevent” cervical cancer
?@the_refusers #Gardasil doesn’t prevent cancer. It doesn’t work according to a lead researcher, It has a huge # of adverse reactions
@yentayants Great,thanks!

?@weluvpb @the_refusers I’m on the fence about vaccines. What impacted your decision against certain (or all) vaccines? #vaccinechat

@the_refusers @weluvpb I have 1 dead vaccinated child. And 2 extremely healthy un-vaccinated children ages 9 and 12.
?@the_refusers @weluvpb My family is living proof that #vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary for health

?@lenorashrute @the_refusers @naturalhealthy What are both your Facebook pages? I want to join 😀 #vaccinechat

@the_refusers @lenorashrute https://www.facebook.com/TheRefusers?ref=ts&fref=ts Is our FB page.
?@naturalhealthy @lenorashrute @the_refusers our FB page is https://www.facebook.com/naturalhealthy

?@WendyFournier @the_refusers @naturalhealthy New study out on HPV Vaccine deaths. http://sanevax.org/breaking-news-gardasil-fingerprints-found-in-post-mortem-samples/ #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers@WendyFournier @naturalhealthy Thank you :)! Did you have any questions for us?
@WendyFournier @the_refusers @naturalhealthy No, just a comrade. My 12 y.o. daughter vaccine injured, autism dx.
@naturalhealthy Thanks @WendyFournier #Gardasil has left behind its genetic fingerprint in post-mortem of two girls who took this vaccine.
?@naturalhealthy @WendyFournier @the_refusers – very sorry Wendy to hear of your daughter’s #autism.

@Amystrubble @the_refusers What are safe alternatives to vaccines then if we do not want to get sick or our children? #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers @Amystrubble Our diet is based on natural, organic advice of Dr. Mercola – low glycemic foods, fish oil, vitamin D & probiotics
?@the_refusers @Amystrubble You want natural exposure to childhood illnesses to develop permanent natural immunity
?@naturalhealthy @Amystrubble – there are also many herbs to support the immune system.

@GalitKedar @the_refusers @naturalhealthy Do you think the new HIV vaccine that is being developed will be a winner or a sham? #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers @GalitKedar Every HIV vaccine test has failed, but that stop them.
?@GalitKedar @the_refusers If it did work though, would you support it? #vaccinechat
@the_refusers @GalitKedar Knowing what I know about #vaccine safety, I would not trust any vaccine based on current technology
?@GalitKedar @the_refusers Fair enough. Any vaccines you would consider then? #vaccinechat
@the_refusers @GalitKedar For our family, No Vaccines. Every family should make that decision themselves.
?@the_refusers @GalitKedar You can choose to vaccinate your family or not. No one can vaccinate your family w/o your permission.

@jamieleighton2 @the_refusers What was the vaccine that your daughter died from? #vaccinechat

@the_refusers @jamieleighton2 She died from the Hepatitis B Vaccine, which is for STD’s. Why are they giving it to babies?

 ?@naturalhealthy @the_refusers – please provide some of your sources about #vaccinations so other can do their own due diligence. #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers @naturalhealthy I’ve been to FDA, CDC & IOM vaccine mtgs. I have 772 articles on the refusers blog linked to CDC & mdical journ
@naturalhealthy @the_refusers blog is: http://therefusers.com/category/refusers-newsroom/

?@naturalhealthy @the_refusers -What makes vaccines unsafe? #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers @naturalhealthy The largest selling medbook defines vaccine adverse reaction as encephalitis – inflammation of the brain.
@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Drug Co’s falsify vaccine safety studies by using phony placebos that hide adverse reactions in their studies.

??@naturalhealthy @the_refusers – what about ingredients in #vaccines? #vaccinechat

@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Multi-dose flu shots contain mercury. Most vaccines have aluminum & formaldehyde

?@geminisedge @the_refusers Do you feel the music is a healing outlet for you post your daughter’s death? #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers @geminisedge Yes, and I feel responsible for warning and informing others about what we suffered.

?@naturalhealthy @the_refusers – should the government require vaccines? Who benefits the most? #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers @naturalhealthy the vaccine manf. use the school system as their no cost marketing dept. Vaccines are a $25 billion/yr market
?@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Big Pharma is in bed with the Gov. creating vaccine mandates and stealing our freedoms -we have a song about it
@the_refusers @naturalhealthy The song is “Get Your Mandates Out of My Body” http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/9724496
@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Parents who don’t vaccinate their kids must be experts on vaccine exemptions for schools…
@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Because doctors & Drug companies have the system rigged against vaccine choice.
@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Parents don’t know their rights #
@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Parents, check out “Vaccination Choice” all about that http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/9046229

?@nantucketmuffin @the_refusers What is your end goal with your music/blog? Would you start a foundation for injured children if you could? #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers @nantucketmuffin If we ever made profits from our non-profit operation, a foundation would be an excellent idea!
?@the_refusers @nantucketmuffin The end goal is to prevent vaccine injuries by informing parents about risks.

?@naturalhealthy Thanks all! @tangomango68 @MyHelpID @WendyFournier @geminisedge @GalitKedar @Amystrubble @jamieleighton2 @the_refusers #vaccinechat

@naturalhealthy Thanks @nantucketmuffin @lenorashrute @weluvpb too! Good discussion! #vaccinechat

@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Thanks to all of our fans, & those who joined in, check out of FB page and please listen to our music. #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers If you have any more questions please go to our Facebook page. #vaccinechat

?@the_refusers @naturalhealthy Thanks Natural Healthy Concepts for the chat and goodnight ; ) #vaccinechat

?@naturalhealthy @the_refusers It was our pleasure! We hope this chat has answered any questions for those who were concerned about this subject
?@naturalhealthy And if anyone else want wants to chime in, make sure to comment in our blog, as well as on @the_refusers FB page

Thanks for joining our conversation….A lot was said in a few brief sentences. Michael is one voice of thousands of parents whose children have died or suffered the harmful, life-long consequences of an over-zealous medical system and a profit driven pharmaceutical industry. Remember, you can always make a choice to vaccinate, but once the damage is done, there’s no going back.  Know your rights, do your research.

As the National Vaccine Information Center says: “Your health. Your family. Your choice.”