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Here’s How to Detox In The Summer


The summer months are a great time to detoxify the body.

While detox is a bit of a buzzword, it isn’t a concept anyone should write off. The body is equipped with many different pathways to rid itself of toxins, impurities, and waste products. When we detox, we simply accelerate the processes that our body has already set in motion.

How Detox Works

There are many examples of detoxification at work, including ridding the body of salt and various impurities through the urine, eliminating food waste through feces, clearing cellular waste through sweat, and cleaning the blood through the liver, to name a few examples.

To summarize: The body is a factory that’s really good at clearing out its waste.

Why Summer Detoxes Rock

So what does the summer have to do with this?

When our bodies have elevated temperatures, due to exertion or environmental heat, these processes go into overdrive. Our bodies sweat to help us cool down, and in so doing, they remove waste products and toxins, including arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

Increased activity and hydration will also increase urination and bowel activity. Through the body’s metabolic pathways, many kinds of waste materials and toxins leave the body. When we exercise for as little as 45 minutes, our metabolism is boosted for up to 14 hours. When our metabolism runs faster, we speed up the elimination of cellular waste products and other things in our bodies that we do not need.

Of course, exercise also helps us lose weight, which can be thought of as a detoxification process in and of itself. While fat isn’t toxic, many of the foods which make us gain weight may be potentially harmful to overall health.

When we lose weight, we tend to eat less of certain kinds of foods, including processed foods and sugars. While not necessarily toxic in the sense that you should seek medical attention, they’re not always the best dietary choice for us. Cutting them from our diet means there is less going into our body that we later need to “clean out.”

Support Your Summer Detox

All of these detoxification processes are natural, but we can accelerate our body’s natural detoxification systems with some simple supplementation. We can recommend three specific products, each of which have the potential benefit of supporting the body’s natural toxin elimination systems.

  • Comprehensive Detox Kit from DesBio is a homeopathic product that contains six homeopathic formulas, including Detox I, Detox II, Detox III, CerebroMax, SpinalMax, and Martix Support. There are complete instructions inside the kit with dosage on each, and recommended schedule. These formulas are made with homeopathy plants, minerals, catalysts, phenolics, and more to support your health.
  • Syntol Advanced Microflora Delivery from Arthur Andrew Medical is a combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes to support intestinal/digestive/yeast cleansing and intestinal balance.
  • GI Detox + from Bio-Botanical Research features an upgraded binding formula to support enhanced clearance of endotoxins, metals, and xenobiotic compounds.

As you try out these products, be conscious of the way they impact your body. Pay attention to how often you use the bathroom, and any change in the sensation of doing so. Also, consider how thirsty you feel, especially when in the sun or exercising. Pay attention to how refreshed you feel after sleep and how much energy you feel throughout the day.

Every person is different, but we hope that you’ll notice some positive feelings as a result of supplementation, and additional general exercise you take part in during the Summer months.

Summertime brings the perfect combination of factors to maximize sweat and make the most of this method of natural body detoxification. So get active but make sure to drink plenty of water.