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Why Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait (And How Prenatal Gummies Can Help!)

Learn why healthy babies are worth the wait and which prenatal gummies will help!

When it comes to pregnancy, every woman has a slew of unique feelings and experiences about their 9 months of gestation. Some feel exhausted and frustrated, while others have normal energy levels and savor every kick and ultrasound. However, most women are ready to deliver at the end of the last trimester, feeling impatient for their baby to arrive. Many may be tempted to try home remedies like cod liver oil or call upon old wives tales to coax their bodies into labor, while others might ask their doctors to move up their delivery date.

The truth is that babies are as unique as the women who carry them, but most require a full 40 weeks for healthy development. If you’re wondering why healthy babies are worth the wait, keep reading as we share the importance of patience in pregnancy, as well as the benefits of taking prenatal gummies and vitamins.

Why Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait

Until recently, many doctors were comfortable inducing labor at 37 or 38 weeks, assuming that a baby’s gestation was generally complete. However, current research suggests the opposite. Babies born earlier are not physiologically mature, and have a greater risk of health complications.

Of course some women aren’t able to carry full term for health reasons, at which point your doctor will make the right call. Many different factors come into play when deciding to deliver early, but convenience and scheduling shouldn’t be among them.

What Your Baby is Up To Weeks 38-40

In those last few week’s gestation, your baby’s body still has important work to do. The lungs and brain are still developing in weeks 37 and 38 and delivery before these crucial weeks can lead to breathing problems. Before week 37 your baby’s immune system may not be ready to ward off the germs of the outside world, leading to increased risk of infection.

How Prenatal Gummies Support Healthy Babies

Taking prenatal gummies and vitamins can be an important part of supporting healthy fetal development throughout your pregnancy. It can also help replenish vitamins and keep both mom and baby healthy while nursing.

Some women may have trouble swallowing pills during pregnancy or in general, which is where prenatal gummies come in! Sweet and easy to digest, these supplements contain all the important nutrients of a solid prenatal vitamins, in a fun and easy-to-chew form.

Prenatal Gummies We Recommend

Searching for the right supplement can be overwhelming at times, even more so when it comes to prenatal gummies. Here are a few quality brands and products you can trust will deliver the nutrients you and your baby need.

Alive Prenatal Gummies

Nature’s Way is a trusted brand that has been delivering quality supplements to women for more than 40 years. Alive Prenatal Gummies provide broad-spectrum support for optimal nutrition and a healthy pregnancy. Each gummy includes DHA, the full vitamin B complex, and a host of other nutrients which may support fetal development.

Prenatal Multi Whole Food Gummies

Prenatal Multi Whole Food Gummies from MyKind Organics by Garden of Life, are made from real, organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Each gummy can give needed energy to mom and support healthy development for baby in a delicious gummy.

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