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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Him

gift ideas for him
Here are 10 healthy gift ideas for him!

The holidays are upon us, and finding gift ideas for him can be almost as stressful as trying to find time to make every holiday party on the block. That’s why we have some great ideas to help you out, whether you’re looking for last-minute gifts for your host, or stocking stuffers for your one-and-only. Check it out!

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

Ancient SecretsNatural Rock Salt Lamp Pyramid

The man in your life will love this beautiful, hand-carved salt lamp. It puts our a soothing and inviting warm glow that instantly relaxes you as soon as it’s turned on.  Salt lamps are important for offsetting the negative effects of electronic devices, so if your man is constantly on his phone or computer, this is one of the best gift ideas for him!

TeaSource‘s HighWave TEAmo Vacuum Travel Mug

Is he a tea lover? This vacuum travel mug allows you to steep your tea for as long as you want, on the go! The stainless steel design will keep his tea piping hot for hours!

TeaSource‘s Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

If iced tea is more his thing, he’ll love this! This cool iced tea maker allows you to infuse your tea overnight in the fridge, and wake up to freshly brewed iced tea in the morning! It has an airtight lid that locks in freshness and nutrients and can hold two quarts of tea.

Stasher‘s Reusable Silicone Pocket Bags

The stasher line of reusable silicone bags are a great gift for anyone, and he’ll especially love the small pocket bags! The airtight containers can slip comfortably into his pocket and can safely store any valuables, whether it’s medication or jewelry. Stasher is definitely one of the best gift ideas for him out there!

Badger‘s Man Care Beard Balm

Any man with a beard, needs this wonder beard balm in his life. He’ll be looking extra slick with this daily leave-in conditioner and styling aid. It keeps stray hairs in place and will leave his beard soft and healthy without making it stiff like other styling aids. Check out the whole line of Badger Man Care products for even more gift ideas for him!

Good Earth‘s Simple Shampoo Bar

For the man who likes to keep things simple, this shampoo bar is the perfect gift for him!  It’s a new way to wash your hair, simply rub in your hands to create a rich lather and work through your hair. It is created to be completely environmentally friendly, so there is no carton to recycle. Now that’s a win, win!

Aubrey OrganicsMen’s Stock North Woods After Shave

The men in your life will love the classic pine scent of this all-natural after shave. It’s cool and invigorating and will leave his skin smooth and looking fresh. We bet you’ll love it too!

NOW FoodsPortable USB Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

This portable essential oil diffuser is perfect for men who are always on-the-go. He can easily enjoy his favorite essential oils wherever he goes, whether it’s in the car, at home, or in the office. Simply plug it into any USB port, and a cool mist will deliver puff of scent anywhere you need it!

Garden of Life‘s Organic Essential Oil Starter Kit

This is the perfect companion gift for a diffuser, or it can be great simply on its own! This essential oil starter kit has the four most used scents by essential oil lovers – peppermint essential oil, lemon, lavender and tea tree. All are 100% organic and perfect for beginners.

Theracane‘s Deep Pressure Massager

This one is perfect for the man who’s always pushing himself at the gym. This cool deep pressure massager allows you to massage your back, all by yourself! It’s special design allows you to hit all the pressure points to relieve sore muscles, wherever they pop up! Definitely a must-have this holiday season.

Don’t stress of last-minute gift ideas for him. Try these ten ideas, and grab a few for yourself while you’re at it! You deserve it too. Happy holidays!