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Why Choose All-Natural Eye Makeup Remover Products?

eye makeup remover
Learn how natural eye makeup remover can protect your skin!

At the end of a long day, many of us don’t have the energy to complete a complicated skin care routine. Sure, we don’t mind spending the time to apply makeup in the morning, but before bed? Forget it. We’re already half asleep.

So, how bad is it to sleep in your makeup? What’s the easiest way to naturally remove makeup before bed? Keep reading for the answers to these questions and even some you may not have thought to ask.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Makeup

We’ve all done it, especially after a night of wine or cocktails, but what’s the harm in sleeping with your makeup on?


Foundation covers your entire face, and the thicker the makeup, the more important it is to remove it before bed. All foundation will clog your pores and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and rejuvenate as you sleep. Regularly sleeping in your foundation may cause fine lines and acne breakouts, so it’s best to remove it before you doze off.

Eye Makeup

Whether you like heavy eyeliner or just a dash of mascara, eye makeup should be removed each night to prevent vision issues. The friction between your pillow and the makeup can cause clogging and buildup, leading to eyelid dermatitis, which may require medical attention.

What to Look for in a Quality Skin-Care Routine

The most important part of a quality, skin-care routine is one that you will actually stick to. The best products in the world will do absolutely nothing for you if you’re too tired to use them. Start with these simple steps and add in exfoliants, tones, and creams as needed.


A moisturizing cleanser, such as Himalaya‘s Hydrating Face Wash, works well for most skin types. Unless you have very dry skin, you should be washing your face in the morning and evening.


Follow your cleansing step with a moisturizer containing quality ingredients that hydrate and help maintain healthy oil balance. The best choices are oil and fragrance free and have pure ingredients you understand.


Finally, the best way to keep your skin looking fresh is to ensure you use a foundation or moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher. Use it every morning, even if you skip everything else.

Natural Eye Makeup Remover You’ll Love

Looking for a few trusted recommendations for eye-makeup remover that gets the job done? Here are several brands and products we swear by.

Revitalizing Lash & Lid Make-Up Remover by Andalou Naturals

Eye makeup remover shouldn’t be painful or difficult.Revitalizing Lash + Lid Make-Up Remover from Andalou Naturals is a gentle eye-makeup remover that cleanses and fortifies lashes with Fruit Stem Cells and Biotin.

Real Purity Eye Make-Up Remover

Using a combination of natural oils, Real Purity Eye Makeup Remover is free from parabens, sulfates, and anything artificial. Simply use a cotton pad to easily remove eye makeup before bed.

Lavera’s Eye Make-up Remover

Looking for a gentle product to use on sensitive skin? Lavera’s Eye Makeup Remover quickly and easily takes off eye makeup using a blend of organic aloe-vera and buckthorn extract.

Magic Mitt Makeup Remover from Jane Iredale

Using only warm water, the Magic Mitt Makeup Remover from Jane Iredale is a reusable, microfiber product that removes eye makeup quickly without soap or cleaners.

Do you regularly sleep in your makeup? How do you find the energy to care for your skin at the end of the day? Share your tips and tricks in the comments section below.