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Dong Quai Pregnancy: 5 Ways to Get Prepared

dong quai pregnancy
Dong quai pregnancy support supplements may help you ease your body into motherhood. Read more here!

For many women, pregnancy is something for which you first prepare. Just as you wouldn’t head out to run a marathon without training first, it’s important to help your body lay the groundwork for a healthy and successful pregnancy. You can start by adding some key supplements to your daily routine, such as the ancient Chinese fertility herb, dong quai. Here are 5 simple ways you can make your body dong quai pregnancy ready, before you conceive.

Dong Quai Pregnancy Support Tips

Clean Up Your Diet – A healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy. Fertility experts suggest you remove unhealthy, highly processed food and replace them with whole, organically grown foods that are hormone and GMO free. You’ll also want to focus on the vitamins and minerals you are taking in. Women who plan to become pregnant should be taking a daily multivitamin and need extra amounts of folic acid and iron. (It’s best if you’ve been taking them several months before you conceive.) Dong quai is often recommended for fertility support, because it contains folic acid and supports healthy iron levels. Some pregnancy support supplements come with dong quai included, such as Pregnancy Prep by Vitanica.

**It should be noted that dong quai should only be used pre-pregnancy, and is not recommended for women who are already pregnant or for those who are breastfeeding. For more information on potential side effects click here.

Remove Built-Up Toxins – Our bodies collect toxins everywhere we go. They are all over manufactured items that we buy, eat, and wear, and they could have potential risks to your unborn baby. You can limit your exposure to toxins when preparing for a dong quai pregnancy by using natural cleaning products, avoiding BPA found in plastic bottles and containers (try glass instead), and choosing beauty products and makeup made only from natural ingredients.. You can also use dong quai to help remove built-up toxins in your body, since some studies show it may help detoxify the blood and supports healthy iron levels.

Flush Your Gut – Bowel regularity is an important component to a healthy gut. Our colon and intestines can become sluggish and polluted with the toxins we easily bring in, but have a harder time getting out. Dong quai has been shown to aid in healthy digestion and is often recommended to help get things moving in the bathroom.

Help Regulate Your Cycle – If you take birth control and plan to become pregnant, it’s often recommended that you quit the pill and allow your body to resume normal menstruation before attempting pregnancy. Dong quai (also sometimes called the female ginseng) may help with that. Medical experts often recommend it for assistance when regulating your period. It’s also been suggested to help ease the discomforts and side effects associated with normal menstruation. Try PMS Comfort by Herb Pharm, and see what you think!

Reduce Stress and Relax – One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a dong quai pregnancy is to reduce the stress in your life, and learn how to relax. Stress can cause all kinds of complications during pregnancy, so it’s important to get it under control before you try. Dong quai is said to have a natural relaxing effect and may even make you drowsy, helping you to fall asleep more easily at night.

Have you used dong quai pregnancy support supplements? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!