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Color Trends in 2021 That Will Bring You Wellness


For the past couple of decades, research has emerged showing a connection between color and psychology. While research is still ongoing, a simple thesis has emerged: Color can affect our mood in more ways than we might expect. From the interior paint colors on our walls to knick-knacks and accessories to the colors of the outfits we choose, choices about color are not just about personal taste and fashion sense. They can also affect our daily well-being.

So get this year off to a great start – or get it back on track – follow these color trends in 2021 that will bring you wellness.

Color Trends in 2021 That Will Bring You Wellness


Many of us have found ourselves stuck inside our homes much more frequently throughout 2020 and into early 2021. In fact, for many, the home has become a makeshift office for multiple people, and a makeshift classroom for children.

With so much happening in one space, it is easy to lose focus and feeling overwhelmed.

We suspect that is why the Behr Color Trends Palette for 2021 is recommending 21 colors that can “elevate your comfort zone.”

For casual comfort, Behr recommends using light, warm neutrals. Soft creamy whites and light warm greys, beiges, and greiges, help to create an inviting feeling in the home. Painting interior walls with light colors is one of the oldest tricks in the book to help make a small or dark home or apartment feel much more open and bright.

Some reinvented, earthy neutrals Behr recommends for 2021 include Almond Wisp and Modern Mocha.

Blues and Greens

If you are looking to use color to evoke a sense of calm, you don’t need to stick to just neutrals. Soothing blue and green hues help create a calm zone, evoking a sense of restoration and escape, and promoting a peaceful environment. In 2021, Behr recommends blue and green shades like Jojoba, Royal Orchard, Dayflower, and Jean Jacket Blue.

Mix It Up with Pantone’s Color(s) of the Year

Pantone knew that we would probably need not one but two colors to get us through this year. That’s why Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021 is two different colors:

  • Ultimate Grey is a warming and rich neutral to contrast the next color.
  • Illuminating is energizing yellow, which ignites any space with a feeling of wellbeing.

As you pursue wellness in 2021, look for chances to use warm neutral greys like Ultimate Grey to help support a sense of peace, calm, and groundedness (even in a chaotic time.) Also, don’t forget to look for opportunities to bring pops of the bright, cheery yellows, providing a sense of much-needed energy, zest, and even whimsy.

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What color trends in 2021 are you looking forward to incorporating into your home and wardrobe?