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The Hidden Potential of a Clove of Garlic

clove of garlic
A clove of garlic may offer you a number of potential health benefits, including support for cardiovascular health. Learn more here!

Odds are that you’ve used fresh cloves of garlic to add flavor to your evening cooking routine alongside onions, carrots or celery. We all know how important a balanced addition of garlic is to a good meal, but what you may not know is that those cloves of garlic pack more than just flavor, they’re also used as a supplement on your journey to natural health. Garlic has been touted for both its culinary and potential medicinal benefits for thousands of years, dating back to the building of the pyramids. In fact, during World War II garlic was given to soldiers to stave off gangrene and even applied to wounds as an antibiotic.

The doctors and scientists of today’s modern medicine are only now uncovering just exactly how the chemical makeup of this allium can potentially benefit the human body. Read on to learn more about the reasons you should consider integrating garlic and garlic supplements into your natural, healthy lifestyle.

Antioxidant Support

Garlic is rich in antioxidants, which may be a contributing factor for new scientific research on the effects of garlic on the formation of cancer cells. According to researchers at the University of Maryland: A large-scale study, called the Iowa Women’s Health Study, looked at how much garlic, fruit, and vegetables were in the diets of 41,000 middle-aged women. Results showed that women who regularly ate garlic, fruits, and vegetables had a 35% lower risk of developing colon cancer. Researchers are continuing to examine the way garlic interacts with cancer cells to grow the scientific backing for taking supplemental garlic.

Garlic For Cardiovascular Support

According to the Centers for Disease Control, heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States. Studies show that  The wealth of scientific literature supports the proposal that garlic consumption have significant cardioprotective effects. This is believed to be in large part due to the organosulfur compound allicin, which may play a supportive role for the heart by breaking up plaque and dangerous free radicals. Scientists also believe that garlic supplementation has the potential for cardiovascular protection based on risk factor reduction (hypertension and total cholesterol) and surrogate markers (CRP, PWV, and CAC) of atherosclerosis.

May Support a Healthy Internal Response

Many natural health care professionals swear that raw garlic or garlic supplements may support a healthy internal response for seasonal discomfort. Research on how garlic can be beneficial for seasonal bugs is still in its infancy. However, researchers do recognize the anecdotal evidence of using garlic during cold and flu season and state that there is “no harm” in taking a clove of garlic to attempt to ward off seasonal germs.

Ready to Try a Clove of Garlic for Yourself? 

Taking raw garlic cloves isn’t always enjoyable or practical, so for an easier to swallow way to infuse your system with garlic, give these supplements a try.

Super Odorless Garlic by Now Foods

clove of garlicSuper Odorless Garlic by Now Foods  is a blend of concentrated garlic, hawthorn extract, hawthorn berry and cayenne pepper that may support a healthy heart and immune health.

Garlic Force by New Chapter

clove of garlicGarlic Force from New Chapter contains 30 liquid caps packed with phytonutrients which support normal cellular development and healthy aging.

Garlic Freeze Dried by Pharmax

clove of garlicIf you want more garlic in your life but don’t like to use it in your cooking, check out Garlic Freeze Dried by Pharma. This is a vegan supplement which supports healthy circulation and cholesterol levels already in the normal range.

Have you experienced the benefits of a clove of garlic supplements? We would love to hear about it, share your questions and experiences in the comments section below.