Jarrow Formulas B-Right Optimized B-Complex

100 Veg Capsules
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Get the benefits of B vitamins without the often offensive odor that can come from the breakdown of choline in you body. Order today!
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    Product Details

    Brand: Jarrow Formulas

    Product Code: b-right-optimized-b-complex-JRF

    Servings per Container: 100

    Quantity per Container: 100 Veg Capsules

    Get Your B Vitamins Without the Embarrassing Smell

    Have you ever noticed what happens when you take a large amount of B-vitamins? You kind of start to stink...

    If you exercise, your sweat might smell funky. Your breath and urine may have a strange odor too.

    You want the health benefits of B complex vitamins, but you want to avoid the often fishy body odor they seem to cause. That's just one reason why Jarrow Formulas offers B-Right Optimized B-Complex capsules.

    The cause of that weird smell comes from the breakdown of choline. As your body uses this B-vitamin, it leaves behind a waste product known as trimethylamine, which your body gets rid of in your breath, urine and perspiration.

    B-Right from Jarrow Formulas addresses that concern with a low-odor option. That's because it uses choline bitartrate that is micro-encapsulated in tiny cellulose beads.

    Product Details:

    • Low odor B-Complex supplement
    • Choline Bitartrate is microencapsulated
    • Contains Methylcobalamin for highly-absorbent B12
    • Provides potential health benefits of B Vitamins including:
      • Heart health support
      • Stress response support
      • Cognitive support
      • Energy production support
      • Mood health support
    • Gluten-free and Non-GMO
    • Suitable for vegetarians/vegans

    If your nose is sensitive to your own scent - do yourself a favor - choose a beneficial B-complex supplement that's balanced and reduces the possibility of offensive body odors.

    Get B-Right from Jarrow Formulas today - for your overall health and your personal hygiene.

    Customer Reviews


    4 reviews

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    Ricky -

    Good for the price

    B right is Perfect

    Not medical or professional advice



    Across-the-board ""B-Right"" Noticeably stands out !

    Quality B Vits - are very important to get the results needed as a B complex / My age specialist - advocates only the best supplements / through family and other clients under the same care with my doctor "" ALL "" agree that B-RIGHT ( Jarrow Corp.) gets our highest rating and results

    Not medical or professional advice


    Alyse R.

    No Odor

    These B caps are great. I was looking for something without that terrible Vit B odor and this brand is it. Great quality, easy to digest and the best part, no odor.

    Not medical or professional advice



    B-Right Optimized B-Complex from Jarrow

    I like the fact that I have no after taste when I take my B-right Optimized B Complex capsule. I am very happy with my purchase and I will buy it again.

    Not medical or professional advice