Oregons Wild Harvest Ashwagandha Extract

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Oregon’s Wild Harvest Ashwagandha Extract may help relieve occasional stress and frustration due to environmental challenges, and offer antioxidant support.
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    Product Details

    Brand: Oregons Wild Harvest

    Product Code: ashwagandha-extract-OWH

    Servings per Container: 30

    Quantity per Container: 1 Oz

    Stress and Immune Support with Ashwagandha Extract

    Oregon’s Wild Harvest Ashwagandha Extract is an herbal supplement gathered from the roots of the Withania somnifera plant, which is sometimes referred to as “Indian Ginseng.” Ashwagandha, however, is botanically different than ginseng, yet remains prized for its chemical compounds that may promote similar health benefits. In Ayurvedic medicine, the oldest known holistic healing system, ashwagandha is used as an herb to support bodily functions that are believed to tie into physical, spiritual, and emotional harmony with the universe.

    Ashwagandha may support some functions of the brain as a result of “Adaptogens”. The term refers to compounds that support a healthy stress and frustration response through the immune system. Stress and frustration are the result of activating the sympathetic nervous system in response to an environmental condition or challenge. This results in the fight-or-flight response and the release of hormones which can trigger a psychological or physical reaction. Stress sometimes describes a negative condition that affects mental and physical well-being. Adaptogens seek to support the normal release of hormones and the resulting reaction.

    Ashwagandha’s chemical structure, which includes alkaloids and metabolites, may also support healthy joints and memory.

    Ashwagandha Extract Product Details

    • May support a healthy stress and frustration response
    • Certified organic alcohol
    • May promote restfulness
    • Provides antioxidant support

    For occasional stress and frustration relief, try Oregon’s Wild Harvest Ashwagandha Extract herbal supplement.

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    Rgal -


    My husband has been taking this for a little over 1 month and it's like night and day - he had been suffering symptoms of stress for over a year, including trouble sleeping. This has been a game changer for him. Highly recommend this.

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    great product, good price, great service

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