Enviromedica Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray

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Magnesium is essential for your body, nerve and muscle health. Enviromedica offers Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil for a variety of uses. Click to read.Read More >

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6 Reviews

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Mag is important and sometimes taking Mag in pill form, does not always give you what you need. Thats when you need a spray. Ancient Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil Spray works well, little sting and a little layer of salt on your skin, but it works and gets in there...

It works!

I woke up with a terrible cramp in my foot that would not ease up! I remembered I had this magnesium oil and rubbed some into my entire foot. Within 10 minutes, the cramp had resolved and did not return!

Oil spray

Waste of money, does nothing for cramps.

Great product

Great product

Positive results

I've had Fibromyalgia for 35+ years. My body [legs and feet] would cramp up almost every night and I'd be in agony, many nights hardly sleeping at all. I tried quinine pills, quinine water, other oils with lavender and on and on. Sometimes it was so severe I was crying and I couldn't even walk to relieve it. I actually have permanent tinnitis from the quinine pills. A childhood friend told me about this oil and it's the answer to my prayers. It's brought great relief and a more peaceful night. I travel with it also. I'm truly grateful for this awesome product. Finally something works.

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