Metabolic Maintenance Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 Mg

90 Capsules
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Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 Mg by Metabolic Maintenance provides support for the body's free-radical protection system, glucose metabolism, and the maintenance of blood sugar levels already within then normal range.

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    Product Details

    Brand: Metabolic Maintenance

    Product Code: alpha-lipoic-acid-300-mg-MTM

    Servings per Container: 100

    Quantity per Container: 90 Capsules

    Get Antioxidant Support With Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 Mg


    Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 Mg by Metabolic Maintenance is intended to provide support for the body's free-radical protection system and to help support glucose metabolism.


    Free-radicals are unstable molecules that are produced during oxidation within the body. The body breaks down larger molecules into smaller molecules and uses them for various functions; however, this process also creates free radicals.


    Free-radicals pose a potential threat to the body's healthy cells. The body has its own antioxidant system, by which it produces various enzymes and molecules to fight free-radicals and to help keep them from damaging the body's cells.


    This alpha lipoic acid formula is intended to help your body's antioxidant defense system by providing further antioxidant support.

    This alpha lipoic product may also be especially useful for athletes, as it is intended to help promote energy production as well as to help support the reduction of free-radical damage that may occur as a result of workouts.


    Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg Benefits

    • Help support the body's antioxidant defense systems
    • Support glutathione production
    • Support glucose metabolism
    • Support the removal of heavy metals
    • Support energy production
    • Support the life extension of other antioxidants in the body

    Try it today and see if it gives you confidence in your health each day!

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    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    I chose this brand because my doctor told me he visited the plant where these capsules are assembled. All the ingredients are from the U.S. and he told me that this brand offers the highest quality ALA available.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Sandy S.

    Great ALA

    I really like this high quality supplement since there is also Vitamin C in it. I take a few supplements from Metabolic Maintenance and they also have extra C in them. This supplement has really helped.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Angels77 -

    This is a must have

    This product helps to keep you detoxed. This brand is a very good one!

    Not medical or professional advice